Of devilish acoustic guitars & being scum 

Acoustic guitar players are scum!

Hear me out.

How many times have you seen guitarist capture the attention of their immediate environment just because they carry the instrument?

Why can’t they stand the irrepressible need of carrying the guitar around when there’s absolutely no need to send the guitar where they are headed?

It gets worse when it’s a guy with a fairly okay voice to sing along, instantly all the female species draw nigh and begin to swoon over him like he was the last breed of an endangered species (if I had my way trust that he’d be endangered, that’s for sure).

I’ll tell you what; these guys are responsible for numerous tensions and break ups in relationships.

There are stats to back this; I’m just too lazy at the time of writing to actually compile them.

Forgive me for this but look back to the that time “your lady” allayed your fears by telling you she was only having guitar lessons with that dude… ahh… they’re now posting snaps of their 3 months anniversary, tsk sad.

Remember the night your fiancé got moody on the drive back home after your friend who played the guitar sang an Ed Sheeran song to his girl at the couple’s night out?

You did absolutely no wrong bro, in fact you were your most behaved self since the day your Ma gave you that stern look at that party when you were 5!

See the issue here? 

Relationship wreckers the whole lot of them.

Now onto the reason for this post.

Towards the end of last year in a temporary moment of madness I made some sort of a resolution to learn the acoustic guitar, I really don’t know why but since I made it I had to stick to it.

And like fate would have it, my kid brother got an acoustic guitar but before he could even bring it home his roommates destroy it.

Upon hearing it I was livid but Iater I understood their actions, to them that was probably a reminder of that bitter break up, one can’t really blame them.

A few months into 2017 my brother again gets another guitar handed to him by a friend and I was the one with the resolution to learn the instrument but each time he was the one that ended up with one.

The instrument kept choosing him but I played it cool because in the end we both get to learn together.

After all, what is mine is his and his is mine… but no… my sense of brotherly ownership was shockingly misplaced. This boy smuggled the guitar to school without having the courtesy to give a heads up. So trashy and he’s usually well behaved, there’s only one catalyst for this unruly change- The Acoustic Guitar!

Clearly he’s lost on the principle of “mi borrowed guitar es su borrowed guitar” or just bad at spanish.

The most excruciating thing about the whole thing was he came back on vacation having a decent hold of the guitar- intermediate level and is now going about disturbing the whole neighborhood showing off how good he is and as you can imagine some guy elsewhere is wondering why his girlfriend has become distant all of a sudden, the poor lad has no clue (learn the triangle dude).

It’s quite impressive how the boy has quickly learnt the instrument giving me hope that I can same.

Also it should be easy as I can find my way around the piano… Oh how wrong I was, the acoustic isn’t easy as it seems it’s a whole world of pain for your finger tips, nothing you’ve experienced yet.

I’ve been called a big baby because I think pressing and sliding your fingers against and across the devilish strings is unbearable but that’s just more fuel to master it.

Now to address the lingering questions in your heads, why I want to learn the guitar when I think those who play are scum?

I would have liked for my answer to be: I’m learning the instrument so I can help teach my fellow brothers who are falling prey to these unforgiving and inconsiderate predators and expose their methods and schemes so the normal Joe can stand a chance at a happily ever after.

I’d be lying if I said that.

Teaching you guys would just increase the number of scum walking the earth and that wouldn’t be good. So instead I’m sacrificing myself to absorb as much scum as I can to make the world a better place.

See I have good intentions for y’all… I hope you wish me luck as I go face this hideous beast.

I have about 2 months to learn it as the young man is back for the long vac so I can tame it. I would’ve bought one for myself but that wouldn’t be good for climate change and all… you know we have to save the planet.

On a more serious note learning a musical instrument is extremely fun and frustrating in equal measure.

The two go hand in hand, you can’t have the fun without the frustration it’s a complete package.

Start today, pick an instrument and get on the internet teach yourself and in 5 years time you might be a pro or don’t learn it at all and in 5 years time… you’ll be… well… just 5 years older.

Adios amigos!

Awesome Worship 

1. Trust in you – Anthony Brown & Group Therapy 

2. Show me the way- Gabriel Powell

3. The Glory experience – Preashea Hillard 

4. No one like our God- Preashea Hillard 

5. Holy is our God- Jeremiah Hicks

6. No reason to fear – JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise 

7. Hallelujah – Tiff Joy 

8. Close – Marvin Sapp 

9. Everything – Dr. Tumi ft. Mahalia Buchan an,  Benjamin Dube 

10. We serve – JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise ft. Travis Greene 

11. You waited – Travis Greene 

12. Nkunim – Eugene Zuta

13. Great & Mighty God – JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise 

14. Fresh Oil, New wine- Brandon Robertson

15. I forgive me – James Fortune 

16. I’m yours – William Mcdowell 

17. Take your place – Denzel Agyemang 

18. Never have to be alone – Cece Winans 

19. I don’t deserve it – Jordan L’Oréal 

20. Your presence – William Mcdowell ft. Israel Houghton 

21. Hold out – New Direction 

22. Unchurched – Todd Dulaney 

23. You are everything – Todd Dulaney 

24. A Billion People – Deitrick Haddon

25. I wanna be close, The Great Medley- Kevin Levar 

Bonus: You deserve it – JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise 
25 awesome gospel songs and try your very best to get hold of William Mcdowell’s albums Sounds of Revival 1 &2 

God bless you…!

A Heart’s Medley 

Pic: Cleo Foley pinterest

Augmenting scores of our swansong

Rewriting the staves of my heart’s medley

Polishing the instruments of the story gently

As the lyrics roll off my tongue

A beautiful symphony of fond memories

Unplugged renditions of silent reveries
Previously we sang off the same hymn sheet

Our blended genres produced a sound so unique

Life was a song and our love was the music

Our quantized love rhythmic to the beat

We were the refrain to several ballads and psalms

Lovers sway to our tunes as they hum
You were the violin and I the bow, inert when apart

Together an orchestra, churning one sound

The harmony of our notes held us bound

Like the skilful piper you captured my heart

Enchanted trinity; body, soul and mind

My ears never encountered music of this kind
You captivated with your chords of adulation

Dazzled with your sweet silky licks

Leaving an insatiable crave after all the tricks

Arpeggiating chords of my emotion

Musical utopia was a permanent state

But pride turned this beauty to hate
Unapologetically running solos of distraction

You strummed chancy melodies of deceit

A broken record, self-glorifying on repeat

Like the fallen angel seeking bars of gratification

Shattering the sacred frets of chemistry thenceforth

Spinning me confused in circle of fourth(s)
We muted the klaxon of unison

Unraveling with every modulation

We drifted apart with every syncopation

Crashing the sacred cymbals of reason

Tearing asunder the vellums of trust

Hopes of a lasting duo belong to the past
The progressions of life is full of lows and gains

Filled with major and minor scales

An album bereft of fairy tales
Rehearsed hours in spite of pains

Though we may be long past our prime

Let’s grab the spotlight one last time



Photo credit: Kytten Janae

They said never give all the heart, for love

But how could I not when tis a gift given to us from above

They said loving you was against the law

Yet pushing boundaries has always been my greatest flaw

I paid the price and committed treason

For love I flushed out neurons of reason

Not lost on me the magnitude of my sin

I convinced myself that to lose was to win

Looking back I never stood a chance

Fooled by Love’s dangled carrot of romance

I was nothing but a pawn in this elaborate scheme

“Crushing down my kingdom” was always its theme

Stealthily it used me to break behind the lines

Duly I was warned yet I failed to see the signs

It fed my ears with honeycombed promises and lies

So high on love I couldn’t see beyond the guise

Love swore to be the angel fending away my demons

Seasons passed while sheepishly I lapped in love’s sermons

Such cunning effort to pull off this masquerade

I applaud such an intricately engineered charade

Dreams of walking together down the aisle

Now realistic nightmares of me solitarily sulking in exile

Love ripped out my heart and left the rest behind

All I ask of you, is that you keep it and be kind

The price of love is a grave one indeed

Spare yourselves the pain, for its yoke is heavy I plead

Love knew the ropes and didn’t want to be tied

It shamed me and robbed me of my pride

I underrated love and called its bluff

Ironically the love I had for love was never enough

This piece was inspired by the#kpodolachallenge on twitter. The deadline was from 12th sept to the 19th sept where you upload a short video of a spoken word with a title on to twitter. 

PS: Big thanks to Bambi Hayes for the link to an interview with the artist Kytten. Check the comments section. Cheers!

The Generation That Must Not Fail 

This morning I was finally able to get my hands on Myles Monroe’s book the POWER OF VISION.

I had started reading towards the end of last year till my kid brother Samuel smuggled the book to school without my knowledge. The little rascal set me back days, he left me hanging. I blamed myself for misplacing the book only to later find out it was with him all that time. I sincerely wanted to give him a piece of my mind, a special rollicking but the book was his to begin with and I, like the plight of every borrower didn’t have enough grounds to complain.

The good thing is he’s been home for several weeks and instead of me walking into a book shop to get my very own copy I go right back to him to borrow take the book and finish up what I had started. I needed the closure and why should I get my own copy after all Mi casa es su casa.

Coming out of the same womb has gotta count for something, right?

So I flipped to page 125 to continue form where I stopped but the pages seemed unfamiliar so I flipped backwards to start from the previous chapter.

Now I was getting into the groove, losing myself in the book, till I was the victim of the infuriating stop-start process that followed.

I had to get down from the trotro (public bus) to make way for the passengers behind me to alight. This happened more times than I can recall on my short journey from Achimota to Dzorwulu till finally I found myself at the last seat never to be bothered with other passengers alighting.

Now at the back seat was where things got interesting and it wasn’t out of place with the interesting trotro experiences I’ve had since June.

Onetime, I witnessed firsthand the bus in which I was, momentarily turn into a gospel concert as the passengers had a sing-along session.

There was also the time where a drunken man seated at the front couldn’t keep his hands off the driver.

He had his hands all over the driver and in an amorous way too… dangerous but amusing all the same. Sometimes you have to live life on the edge, ha!

And just yesterday for the first time in my life I encountered a trotro driver who was a church pianist, I was stunned.

See that doesn’t happen every day and he had a good in-depth knowledge about music too, I was impressed.

But back to this latest episode, at the back seat reading the book a man sitting next to me thought it fit to interrupt my reading, like I hadn’t already had enough those, sigh.

Apparently he was a huge fan of the late Myles Monroe and he had read most of his books as he listed out the books of Mr. Monroe he had read.

You could see the joy in his eyes as he spoke so highly of the knowledge and influence of Myles had. He had so much to say and he did pour his heart out but basically the point he wanted to make was that we the young ones have no excuse to fail as we are now in an era where impossibilities of yester years have been made possible.

The internet alone is an enormous resource we have at our disposal and a tool that should rather make and not break us.

Education and technology is now accessible to almost everyone, a huge improvement that has come with time.

He also made mention of the springing up so many mega churches with dignified figure heads that serve as role models.

To quote him, he said “you guys really have got no excuse to not make something meaningful out of our lives. It would be a huge disrespect to all of mankind”

He further went ahead to tell me of all his adventures across Europe and the US, living a fast life which profited him little. Showing me the piercings in his ears from his days when he used to wear ear rings along with his scars he got from gang violence etc.

Before he alighted at his stop he turned to me and reiterated “this generation must not fail” while giving me the thumbs up.

Since I alone don’t make up this generation I feel obliged to echo the man’s sentiments. So all of us out there we can’t let the world down.

We must make sure this generation does not fail!

Smokin’ Aces – Compozers

I just realised this post has been stuck in my drafts since last year.
How I never got around to posting it I can’t tell.
My guess is by now most of us might already know or heard about this group if not, hey better late than never, right?
So here we go

Some weeks ago a friend hit me up in a very exciting mood trying to tell me something.
After minutes of listening to my dude go on and on pouring his heart out sharing his excitement about a group he had just stumbled upon, I asked him if the group’s name was The Compozers just then you could feel the lad deflate.
The anti climax after i told him they had been around the block for a while now.
Honestly, I felt bad for being a kill joy in that moment so in order to avoid such a situation I’m putting up this post.


The Compozers are a UK based instrumental fusion band. The group is made up of four Ghanaian lads who came together to start something to showcase their talents.

Initially the group started out humbly playing at birthday parties and gradual build themselves up by doing instrumental covers of hit songs and upload them on to youtube.

Currently their stocks have risen as they shown thrown their videos how good they are. They are officially the carpet band for the Ghanaian musicican Fuse ODG (also London base).
The Compozers have shared platforms with some big hitters in the music industry at the BBC 2014 Radio 1Xtra concert with the likes of Sean Paul, Mary J Blige.

In 2015 they featured at the Ghana Music awards and gave a tribute to the musician Castro who was involved in a water ski incident.
The group also host their on programs which usual see huge turn outs, and their encore video sessions comprising mash ups of various African hit songs have been quality

These guys are making head way with their music and once you’ve seen this post up you can already tell that they’re ace!!!

Music for the soul

For the past few months I have totally fallen in love with two gospel artists namely Geoffrey Golden and Deon Kipping.
Their songs have been a huge blessing and inspiration in getting by throughout the weeks.
These two guys are relatively “unknown” in the gospel music world and by “unknown” I mean not many have heard their music or know their names which I think is totally criminal and should be an offence punishable by the law courts.

Most people are familiar with the legends like Kirk Franklin and Donnie McClurkin or the current youthful and hippy musicians like Tye Tribbett, Tasha Cobbs, Tamela Mann, William Mcdowell and Jonathan Mcreynolds but the good news is there is a new wave of brilliant musicians who are blessings in equal measure and are truly gifts from God to his people.

Geoffery Golden is a lad whose music career took off in 2014 after appearing and emerging victorious on a gospel music show – Sunday Best. He then released a live album Kingdom…LIVE!
The album placed number 4 on the top Gospel Album chart.
My favourite songs on the album are Changed, Greater and All of my help which placed no. 18 on the Gospel Digital Songs chart.


If you listen to his songs you don’t only enjoy the beautifully melodies but you realize the songs are spirit filled and word based lyrics.
These songs are messages seasoned in time.

When I looked him up and saw we shared the same birthday 26th April I was estatic then I glanced at his birth year and realized my dude was born in 1994 you should have seen my jaw drop, so young!
But that made me even happier to know such a talent had availed himself for God to use at an early stage.

Geoffrey Golden is simply golden!

Deon Kipping


Now this gentleman has completely blown my mind.
I knew his name as he’s been around the block for a while now but I never listened to any of his songs till my kid brother Samuel put his track Heal Again on my laptop.
Since then I have scrambled and scavenged all over the internet for any song featuring Deon Kippping.

He doesn’t only sings but writes his own songs as well.
He has a distinct sound kinda like a fusion between old and new school. When you listen to him you can hear a bit of Deitrick Haddon in there
The lyrics to his songs are also awesome… all the songs I have heard from him have awesome lyrics.
Until now I always taught the song Let your power fall was written by James Fortune as it was on his Miracle album featuring Zacardi Cortez but recently I discovered Deon was actually original composer and writer.
I was stunned.

Deon’s songs have been a blessing to me these weeks from Heal Again to Miracles, Prisoner of Christ, you name it. They are awesome awesome songs.

On the 13th of this month he released a single Something to talk about and it was simply…  you already know the word…. AWESOME.
What striked me particularly about this song was a part of the lyrics which says;

My life is a movie and everyday I’m working on the edits. The critics they judge me until they get to the end and see who gets the credit… I’m something to talk about

I believe we all can relate to this as most people talk about us when they are not privy to what we are going through or the whole story.
It can be pretty annoying when you get to hear some of the things that are said but what I took from this song is that we shouldn’t bother when they say what they say because God is the one that takes the glory in the end.

So let them talk about your defeats and victories because you are something to talk about and that in itself is a blessing.

So whenever you hear something someone said about you just shrug it off and ask God to keeping them talking about you while you turn on your praise.

Gospel music rocks!

Us Against The World


It will always be us against the world
Two souls fused into one, knitted and purled
This love we share is never meant to die
An ethereal bond beyond the earth and sky

Right by your side is where I long to be
Sozzled silly with love, just you and me
Recreating Romeo and Juliet’s plight
Basking in the glow of the stars at night

Our sparks of passion held in a diode
You are the cathode to my anode
My heart now in yours carefully stowed
Our hearts beat in series as the Morse code

Surely we are bound to have ups and downs
What matters is to wipe away all the frowns
In squabbles we still ooze love in doses
Our love emblazoned with guns and roses

Though they come at us hammer and tong
The scars and bruises only make us strong
Our love to foil they plot with their schemes
“Us against them” will forever be our theme

Stuck together as the towers that lean
I’d sacrifice the rook to save you the Queen
“Us against the world” sang the Seraphim
You and I, the hook to that sacred hymn




1. Changed- Geoffery Golden

2. Follow you- Christon Gray

3. Ready aim- Ajanee ft Alectric Mayhem Band (Mali Music cover)

4. Fearless- Jonathan nelson ft Da Truth

5.My Hope- Jonathan Nelson

6. Glory to the lamb- Geoffery Golden

7. Peace of the Lord- Babbie Mason

8. You’ve done so much- Rizen

9. Heal Again- Deon Kipping

10. I need you- Donnie McClurkin

11. Immediately – Tasha Cobbs

12. God- Joann Rosario & Donald Lawrence

13. By myself- Deon Kipping

14. Miracle- Deon Kipping

15. Great you are- Gerald Haddon

16. Sovereignly Reign- Dewayne-Wood

17. You are good- Flo & Nikki Loaye

18. Jesus is here- William Mcdowell

19. Ka Anyi Bulie- Frank Edward ft. Don Moen

20. Soul will sing- Travis Greene

21. Changeth not- Cwasi Oteng

22. The Hill- Travis Greene

23. You keep me- Travis Greene ft. KJ Scriven, Laura Wilson

24. Who you were- Travis Greene

25. Amazing love- Jonathan Nelson ft. Jade Nelson

These are the songs that are currently the most played on my playlist.
Get in on the fun…!



Lost in tots of my thoughts
Thinking of life in this messed up world
Where evil seems to prevail over good
Darkness eclipsing the light
Right is wrong, wrong is right
The wickedness of man displayed in glare
Injustice everywhere
I hesitate in my faith
Lingering questions and doubts
Searching for answers in all the wrong places
Forgetting, in you is the database for all of life’s cases
I made a deal with the devil
Followed his handle
Subscribed to sin
His snapshots of lies I pin
Shared in his ruse
Oblivious I was his muse
Gorging gastronomic pleasures of hell’s kitchen
Traded my soul for the glitz and glam
Epic swindle, it was all a sham!
Washed up, dejected, dragged down to the lowest stratum
Empty and void I hit rock bottom
Conflicted and ashamed
Shunned and defamed
A rebel now tamed
Flashbacks of horrific life decisions
A packed life of promise placed in precarious positions
Tired and broken should I go back?
Even the servants in my father’s house know no lack
Suddenly a voice whispers to me
“Come home my child, for my blood was shed for thee”
The one in whom He was well pleased
Though the wages of sin be death; on that day He was appeased
An incredible display of love got my sins atoned
I continue to fail yet you still call me your own
You gave your life for me that I might be saved
My destiny changed by the awesome price you paid
With the blood that you dripped
To catch me when I slipped
Washed away all my shame
Cleansed me from sin’s guilt-stain
Made worthy of your sacrifice on the cross in pain
Old things are passed away
All things are new
I’ve found my life in you
I am not the same
I’ve been changed
You robe me with a new garment of glory
Time to tell the world about my story
I am no longer a sinner
I have the power to walk like a winner
My mind in you now I renew
Ten thousand tongues won’t suffice to praise you
Saints and angels sing glory to the lamb
Thank you for bringing me home