Lost in tots of my thoughts
Thinking of life in this messed up world
Where evil seems to prevail over good
Darkness eclipsing the light
Right is wrong, wrong is right
The wickedness of man displayed in glare
Injustice everywhere
I hesitate in my faith
Lingering questions and doubts
Searching for answers in all the wrong places
Forgetting, in you is the database for all of life’s cases
I made a deal with the devil
Followed his handle
Subscribed to sin
His snapshots of lies I pin
Shared in his ruse
Oblivious I was his muse
Gorging gastronomic pleasures of hell’s kitchen
Traded my soul for the glitz and glam
Epic swindle, it was all a sham!
Washed up, dejected, dragged down to the lowest stratum
Empty and void I hit rock bottom
Conflicted and ashamed
Shunned and defamed
A rebel now tamed
Flashbacks of horrific life decisions
A packed life of promise placed in precarious positions
Tired and broken should I go back?
Even the servants in my father’s house know no lack
Suddenly a voice whispers to me
“Come home my child, for my blood was shed for thee”
The one in whom He was well pleased
Though the wages of sin be death; on that day He was appeased
An incredible display of love got my sins atoned
I continue to fail yet you still call me your own
You gave your life for me that I might be saved
My destiny changed by the awesome price you paid
With the blood that you dripped
To catch me when I slipped
Washed away all my shame
Cleansed me from sin’s guilt-stain
Made worthy of your sacrifice on the cross in pain
Old things are passed away
All things are new
I’ve found my life in you
I am not the same
I’ve been changed
You robe me with a new garment of glory
Time to tell the world about my story
I am no longer a sinner
I have the power to walk like a winner
My mind in you now I renew
Ten thousand tongues won’t suffice to praise you
Saints and angels sing glory to the lamb
Thank you for bringing me home



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