Smokin’ Aces – Compozers

I just realised this post has been stuck in my drafts since last year.
How I never got around to posting it I can’t tell.
My guess is by now most of us might already know or heard about this group if not, hey better late than never, right?
So here we go

Some weeks ago a friend hit me up in a very exciting mood trying to tell me something.
After minutes of listening to my dude go on and on pouring his heart out sharing his excitement about a group he had just stumbled upon, I asked him if the group’s name was The Compozers just then you could feel the lad deflate.
The anti climax after i told him they had been around the block for a while now.
Honestly, I felt bad for being a kill joy in that moment so in order to avoid such a situation I’m putting up this post.


The Compozers are a UK based instrumental fusion band. The group is made up of four Ghanaian lads who came together to start something to showcase their talents.

Initially the group started out humbly playing at birthday parties and gradual build themselves up by doing instrumental covers of hit songs and upload them on to youtube.

Currently their stocks have risen as they shown thrown their videos how good they are. They are officially the carpet band for the Ghanaian musicican Fuse ODG (also London base).
The Compozers have shared platforms with some big hitters in the music industry at the BBC 2014 Radio 1Xtra concert with the likes of Sean Paul, Mary J Blige.

In 2015 they featured at the Ghana Music awards and gave a tribute to the musician Castro who was involved in a water ski incident.
The group also host their on programs which usual see huge turn outs, and their encore video sessions comprising mash ups of various African hit songs have been quality

These guys are making head way with their music and once you’ve seen this post up you can already tell that they’re ace!!!


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