A Heart’s Medley 

Pic: Cleo Foley pinterest

Augmenting scores of our swansong

Rewriting the staves of my heart’s medley 

Polishing the instruments of the story gently 

As the lyrics roll off my tongue

A beautiful symphony of fond memories 

Unplugged renditions of silent reveries 
Previously we sang off the same hymn sheet

Our blended genres produced a sound so unique

Life was a song and our love was the music

Our quantized love rhythmic to the beat

We were the refrain to several ballads and psalms

Lovers sway to our tunes as they hum
You were the violin and I the bow, inert when apart

Together an orchestra, churning one sound

The harmony of our notes held us bound

Like the skilful piper you captured my heart

Enchanted my triangle of body, soul and mind

My ears never encountered music of this kind
You captivated with your chords of adulation

Dazzled with your sweet silky licks

Leaving an insatiable crave after all the tricks

Arpeggiating chords my of emotion

Musical utopia was a permanent state

But pride turned this beauty to hate 
Unapologetically running solos of distraction

You strummed chancy melodies of deceit

A broken record, self-glorifying on repeat

Like the fallen angel seeking bars of gratification

Shattering the sacred frets of chemistry thenceforth

Spinning me confused in circle of fourth(s)
We muted the klaxon of unison

Unraveling with every modulation

We drifted apart with every syncopation

Crashing the sacred cymbals of reason

Tearing asunder the vellums of trust

Hopes of a lasting duo belong to the past
The progressions of life is full of lows and gains

Filled with major and minor scales

An album bereft of fairy tales 
Rehearsed hours in spite of pains

Though we may be long past our prime

Let’s grab the spotlight one last time 


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