The Generation That Must Not Fail 

This morning I was finally able to get my hands on Myles Monroe’s book the POWER OF VISION.

I had started reading towards the end of last year till my kid brother Samuel smuggled the book to school without my knowledge. The little rascal set me back days, he left me hanging. I blamed myself for misplacing the book only to later find out it was with him all that time. I sincerely wanted to give him a piece of my mind, a special rollicking but the book was his to begin with and I, like the plight of every borrower didn’t have enough grounds to complain.

The good thing is he’s been home for several weeks and instead of me walking into a book shop to get my very own copy I go right back to him to borrow take the book and finish up what I had started. I needed the closure and why should I get my own copy after all Mi casa es su casa.

Coming out of the same womb has gotta count for something, right?

So I flipped to page 125 to continue form where I stopped but the pages seemed unfamiliar so I flipped backwards to start from the previous chapter.

Now I was getting into the groove, losing myself in the book, till I was the victim of the infuriating stop-start process that followed.

I had to get down from the trotro (public bus) to make way for the passengers behind me to alight. This happened more times than I can recall on my short journey from Achimota to Dzorwulu till finally I found myself at the last seat never to be bothered with other passengers alighting.

Now at the back seat was where things got interesting and it wasn’t out of place with the interesting trotro experiences I’ve had since June.

Onetime, I witnessed firsthand the bus in which I was, momentarily turn into a gospel concert as the passengers had a sing-along session.

There was also the time where a drunken man seated at the front couldn’t keep his hands off the driver.

He had his hands all over the driver and in an amorous way too… dangerous but amusing all the same. Sometimes you have to live life on the edge, ha!

And just yesterday for the first time in my life I encountered a trotro driver who was a church pianist, I was stunned.

See that doesn’t happen every day and he had a good in-depth knowledge about music too, I was impressed.

But back to this latest episode, at the back seat reading the book a man sitting next to me thought it fit to interrupt my reading, like I hadn’t already had enough those, sigh.

Apparently he was a huge fan of the late Myles Monroe and he had read most of his books as he listed out the books of Mr. Monroe he had read.

You could see the joy in his eyes as he spoke so highly of the knowledge and influence of Myles had. He had so much to say and he did pour his heart out but basically the point he wanted to make was that we the young ones have no excuse to fail as we are now in an era where impossibilities of yester years have been made possible.

The internet alone is an enormous resource we have at our disposal and a tool that should rather make and not break us.

Education and technology is now accessible to almost everyone, a huge improvement that has come with time.

He also made mention of the springing up so many mega churches with dignified figure heads that serve as role models.

To quote him, he said “you guys really have got no excuse to not make something meaningful out of our lives. It would be a huge disrespect to all of mankind”

He further went ahead to tell me of all his adventures across Europe and the US, living a fast life which profited him little. Showing me the piercings in his ears from his days when he used to wear ear rings along with his scars he got from gang violence etc.

Before he alighted at his stop he turned to me and reiterated “this generation must not fail” while giving me the thumbs up.

Since I alone don’t make up this generation I feel obliged to echo the man’s sentiments. So all of us out there we can’t let the world down.

We must make sure this generation does not fail!


13 thoughts on “The Generation That Must Not Fail ”

  1. “The internet alone is an enormous resource we have at our disposal and a tool that should rather make and not break us.”
    Our generation is counting on us, so is the unborn generation, and even ultimately, GOD.
    Failing will be too much a cost to bear. God bless you Sir.

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  2. “we the young ones have no excuse to fail as we are now in an era where impossibilities of yester years have been made possible.” So much TRUTH in this piece

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