Music for the soul

For the past few months I have totally fallen in love with two gospel artists namely Geoffrey Golden and Deon Kipping.
Their songs have been a huge blessing and inspiration in getting by throughout the weeks.
These two guys are relatively “unknown” in the gospel music world and by “unknown” I mean not many have heard their music or know their names which I think is totally criminal and should be an offence punishable by the law courts.

Most people are familiar with the legends like Kirk Franklin and Donnie McClurkin or the current youthful and hippy musicians like Tye Tribbett, Tasha Cobbs, Tamela Mann, William Mcdowell and Jonathan Mcreynolds but the good news is there is a new wave of brilliant musicians who are blessings in equal measure and are truly gifts from God to his people.

Geoffery Golden is a lad whose music career took off in 2014 after appearing and emerging victorious on a gospel music show – Sunday Best. He then released a live album Kingdom…LIVE!
The album placed number 4 on the top Gospel Album chart.
My favourite songs on the album are Changed, Greater and All of my help which placed no. 18 on the Gospel Digital Songs chart.


If you listen to his songs you don’t only enjoy the beautifully melodies but you realize the songs are spirit filled and word based lyrics.
These songs are messages seasoned in time.

When I looked him up and saw we shared the same birthday 26th April I was estatic then I glanced at his birth year and realized my dude was born in 1994 you should have seen my jaw drop, so young!
But that made me even happier to know such a talent had availed himself for God to use at an early stage.

Geoffrey Golden is simply golden!

Deon Kipping


Now this gentleman has completely blown my mind.
I knew his name as he’s been around the block for a while now but I never listened to any of his songs till my kid brother Samuel put his track Heal Again on my laptop.
Since then I have scrambled and scavenged all over the internet for any song featuring Deon Kippping.

He doesn’t only sings but writes his own songs as well.
He has a distinct sound kinda like a fusion between old and new school. When you listen to him you can hear a bit of Deitrick Haddon in there
The lyrics to his songs are also awesome… all the songs I have heard from him have awesome lyrics.
Until now I always taught the song Let your power fall was written by James Fortune as it was on his Miracle album featuring Zacardi Cortez but recently I discovered Deon was actually original composer and writer.
I was stunned.

Deon’s songs have been a blessing to me these weeks from Heal Again to Miracles, Prisoner of Christ, you name it. They are awesome awesome songs.

On the 13th of this month he released a single Something to talk about and it was simply…  you already know the word…. AWESOME.
What striked me particularly about this song was a part of the lyrics which says;

My life is a movie and everyday I’m working on the edits. The critics they judge me until they get to the end and see who gets the credit… I’m something to talk about

I believe we all can relate to this as most people talk about us when they are not privy to what we are going through or the whole story.
It can be pretty annoying when you get to hear some of the things that are said but what I took from this song is that we shouldn’t bother when they say what they say because God is the one that takes the glory in the end.

So let them talk about your defeats and victories because you are something to talk about and that in itself is a blessing.

So whenever you hear something someone said about you just shrug it off and ask God to keeping them talking about you while you turn on your praise.

Gospel music rocks!


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