Photo credit: Kytten Janae

They said never give all the heart, for love

But how could I not when tis a gift given to us from above

They said loving you was against the law

Yet pushing boundaries has always been my greatest flaw

I paid the price and committed treason

For love I flushed out neurons of reason

Not lost on me the magnitude of my sin

I convinced myself that to lose was to win

Looking back I never stood a chance

Fooled by Love’s dangled carrot of romance

I was nothing but a pawn in this elaborate scheme

“Crushing down my kingdom” was always its theme

Stealthily it used me to break behind the lines

Duly I was warned yet I failed to see the signs

It fed my ears with honeycombed promises and lies

So high on love I couldn’t see beyond the guise

Love swore to be the angel fending away my demons

Seasons passed while sheepishly I lapped in love’s sermons

Such cunning effort to pull off this masquerade

I applaud such an intricately engineered charade

Dreams of walking together down the aisle

Now realistic nightmares of me solitarily sulking in exile

Love ripped out my heart and left the rest behind

All I ask of you, is that you keep it and be kind

The price of love is a grave one indeed

Spare yourselves the pain, for its yoke is heavy I plead

Love knew the ropes and didn’t want to be tied

It shamed me and robbed me of my pride

I underrated love and called its bluff

Ironically the love I had for love was never enough

This piece was inspired by the#kpodolachallenge on twitter. The deadline was from 12th sept to the 19th sept where you upload a short video of a spoken word with a title on to twitter. 

PS: Big thanks to Bambi Hayes for the link to an interview with the artist Kytten. Check the comments section. Cheers!


24 thoughts on “LOVE IS NEVER ENOUGH ”

      1. I saw this art piece on another site, and ran across your beautiful poem while trying to find the artist. I figured it was the least I could do was come back and share when I did find her.

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  1. Love is never enough when it is with the wrong person. But when it is with the right person that God chose for them it can be sweet. I am reminded how in scripture it says in Genesis how Adam awoke out of deep sleep and look at Eve and say bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. There is a song by the Wardlaw Brothers called God makes two. I told a friend of mind how that was a perfect wedding song.

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