Us Against The World


It will always be us against the world
Two souls fused into one, knitted and purled
This love we share is never meant to die
An ethereal bond beyond the earth and sky

Right by your side is where I long to be
Sozzled silly with love, just you and me
Recreating Romeo and Juliet’s plight
Basking in the glow of the stars at night

Our sparks of passion held in a diode
You are the cathode to my anode
My heart now in yours carefully stowed
Our hearts beat in series as the Morse code

Surely we are bound to have ups and downs
What matters is to wipe away all the frowns
In squabbles we still ooze love in doses
Our love emblazoned with guns and roses

Though they come at us hammer and tong
The scars and bruises only make us strong
Our love to foil they plot with their schemes
“Us against them” will forever be our theme

Stuck together as the towers that lean
I’d sacrifice the rook to save you the Queen
“Us against the world” sang the Seraphim
You and I, the hook to that sacred hymn



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