1. Changed- Geoffery Golden

2. Follow you- Christon Gray

3. Ready aim- Ajanee ft Alectric Mayhem Band (Mali Music cover)

4. Fearless- Jonathan nelson ft Da Truth

5.My Hope- Jonathan Nelson

6. Glory to the lamb- Geoffery Golden

7. Peace of the Lord- Babbie Mason

8. You’ve done so much- Rizen

9. Heal Again- Deon Kipping

10. I need you- Donnie McClurkin

11. Immediately – Tasha Cobbs

12. God- Joann Rosario & Donald Lawrence

13. By myself- Deon Kipping

14. Miracle- Deon Kipping

15. Great you are- Gerald Haddon

16. Sovereignly Reign- Dewayne-Wood

17. You are good- Flo & Nikki Loaye

18. Jesus is here- William Mcdowell

19. Ka Anyi Bulie- Frank Edward ft. Don Moen

20. Soul will sing- Travis Greene

21. Changeth not- Cwasi Oteng

22. The Hill- Travis Greene

23. You keep me- Travis Greene ft. KJ Scriven, Laura Wilson

24. Who you were- Travis Greene

25. Amazing love- Jonathan Nelson ft. Jade Nelson

These are the songs that are currently the most played on my playlist.
Get in on the fun…!


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