Beautiful Madness


Love like the raffle, is a gamble
Like the lottery you either win or you tumble
The faint heart doesn’t always lose the fair lady
Fairy tales of life don’t always have their happy ending
If love is true and pure why is it so shady?
To reason with love is a task too demanding

Love they say is the seventh sense
Yet love is full of drivel and nonsense
To fall in love is to be oblivious to the sixth sense
It feels, tastes, smells, hears but sees no common sense
The eternal battle between heart and mind
Functioned to transmit blood now burdened with love
Brain numbed from the deprivation of oxygen
Futile attempts of ECT to reverse symptoms of love’s mental illness
Little surprise love decisions aren’t glorified with brilliance

Love they say is meant for fools and their heirs
For wise men waste not their time building castles in the air
Day dreaming of unicorns and rainbows
Uninterested in fantasies and puppet shows
In the kingdom of love the fool is crowned king
Love is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise
To wrestle with love is to meet your demise

Love they say is pure and kind
Yet can be cruel and unkind
A love unrequited is a punishment to the extreme
It turns bitter and poisonous if not curled and curtailed
Why should one love with their all and haven’t even a tenth in return?
Leaving in its wake damage for the next to suffer and repair

Love they say is selfless and blind
For love looks not with the eyes but the mind
Blind to the pretty follies that they themselves commit
Receding to the background, the needs of loved ones gladly we submit
Love they say is self-deprecating
An outlandish concept but one worth embracing
For even the madman sees beauty in his insanity
A life without love is one never worth living
For there is only one happiness in life

A/N: Sorry for the long pause on the blog. My absence was due a combination of work, school, exam and church stuff but the good news is I’m back and raring to go…!


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