Heat Wave

Photo: World of pencils

The sun, a huge mass of hot glowing gas

Biggest Star around which the earth revolves

Orbital pillar for the Milky Way

A blazing ball of fire

Definitely not a season I desire

Rabid rays and blasting beams

Time for capitalist vendors to profit on sun creams

Harmful ultra violet radiation

Fans and ACs down tools in demonstration 

Exhausted bottles of sun lotion

Welcome to heat nation

Soaked from profuse perspiration

Dripping down my brow in slow motion

Supernova Sunday

Melting away my sumptuous sundae

Gate crashing my trip out with bae

Born of the melanin clan

To stay in shape was always the plan

Nothing said of this needless body tan

The unbearable heat makes me scream

Windows and doors ajar I can no longer dream

My days have never been hotter

Pssttt… call me that hawker, herh pure water..!

The heat in Ghana these past few weeks has been just unbearable mehhnnn….


5 thoughts on “Heat Wave”

  1. Ahhhh! I was “just” loving this poem frrom the beginning, and then i got to the last line and tripped smack down all over again. You write good poetry. Welldone Jorcil. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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