Amongst the lot you were the best
I itched to say “yes” but first you had to pass the test
Classic case of road runner and wily coyote
Handbook to Lady and the Tramp on Bella Notte’s spaghetti

Conventional standards you had to measure up
Oh my I couldn’t wait to call you my buttercup
My glued up heart from experiences past
Stretching and snubbing to see if you’d last

Seizing every opportunity to prove your mettle
Lining up rose petals to my doorway
Your very own remake of Hansel and Gretel
Even without love’s trail you’d never stray

Waking up to your cute morning texts
Though I never replied, you never vex
Suffered you call waitings and blue ticks
Of your numerous choices I still remain your pick

Awestricken by your chivalry
My septic heart of devilry you charmed to one of ivory
Your presence plunges me into a state of euphoria
Detected symptoms of supraventricular tachycardia

My masquerading left you befuddled without a hint
Seemingly stone-cold and hard as flint
You’ve got my hormones jiggling like jell-o
Truth be told you already had me at Hello


A/N: I didn’t intend on finishing this. I certainly didn’t plan on posting it here but since today is my birthday consider it my gift to you
Wait a minute, isn’t it supposed to be the other way around???

On this day you’d think I’d have some self introspection, reflecting on life and come up with something deep and profound but see… Smh, lol

Shout out to my boy Daniel Opoku Serlorm. Today is also his birthday, y’all do well to check out his blog Mpanyinsem

Peace Out!


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