Smokin’ Aces – Snarky Puppy

It’s about time we enjoyed some jazz people.

Now before I go on let me first say that if you do not enjoy jazz then it’s best to close this page and read the next post.

Normally, I get people telling me “oh, I like music so I like jazz too”, then they pull my head phones off and when they hear the jazz playing they frown and give me a quizzical look as to why and how I enjoy this kind of music.

Alright, since you insist on reading I’ll continue to do my blabbing but I don’t wanna read any complaints.

Family Dinner

If you haven’t heard of this group by now then I have to seriously question if you really like your jazz.

Snarky Puppy is a Brooklyn, New York- based instrumental fusion band brought together by Michael League.
The group is made up of a variety of instruments, from guitars, pianos, keyboards, woodwind, brass, percussion and strings.

Collectively they refer to themselves as “The Fam” and refer to their shows as Family Dinner.
Many of the members of the band were once students of the University of North Texas.
Individually the various musicians that make up the group are geniuses in their own right and have reached the pinnacle of the music industry.
Most of them play for top musicians both in secular and gospel genres.
They play for artistes such as Erykah Badu, Justin Timberlake, Marcus Miller, Kirk Franklin etc

Like most success stories the band started out with gigs in small bars in Texas for some years till they built up their reputation and auditioning to recruit other skilled and excellent musicians to join the crew.

Grammy 2014; Snarky Puppy- Best R&B performance

In 2014 the group won their first Grammy award for the Best R & B performance with Lalah Hathaway and in February this year they won their second Grammy this time round for the Best Contemporary Instrumental album after they teamed up with the world famous Dutch Metropole Orchestra which saw them topping music charts around the globe.

Aside my love for the group as a whole what really got me glued to them was piano players.
Yes, I know I’m being bias because I somewhat play the piano myself.
They have the melodic Bill Laurence and two other guys whom I call “Monsters” in Shaun Martin and Cory Henry.
These two have a perfect chemistry and when they touch the organ, piano or the synth it’s just awesome, awesome, awesome…!

They also have the infectious bassist M. League who’s also dope on the bass.

The brass sects, strings and percussion guys are all brilliant.

Saying they’re ace wouldn’t do them justice.
Just look at the solo from 05:06
These guys are monsters!!!

And oh, if you’re wondering why they chose the name “Snarky Puppy” it is because they chose to name the group after their pets which were predominantly puppies.
Cute innit?


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