Liverpool- Home of Miracles

This week has been filled with great sporting moments from Kobe Bryant retiring to Real Madrid coming from behind to qualify to the semi-finals of the Champions league. Golden state warriors breaking the NBA record for most wins previously held by the Chicago Bulls.
The almighty Barcelona being kicked out of the Champions league when they were the bookies favourite to defend their title, a feat never achieved in the competition.
But yesterday sometime magical happen, Liverpool did the unthinkable, they produced the unimaginable.
Liverpool came from behind to beat a serious Dortmund team by 4-3 (5-4 on aggregate).

For 25 years the domestic English league title has eluded Liverpool.
On several occasions they have come close only to agonizingly fall right at the end.
Though they have not had much success in the league when it comes to the continental competition Liverpool is a different beast all together, a powerhouse to reckon with.
Until recently when the club has been in shambles, falling apart leaving supporters disillusioned and apathetic.

They owners during the season appointed the animated and charismatic German Jürgen Klopp to take over.
Former manager of Borussia Dortmund who were in a similar position seven years ago before he moulded them into one of the most feared teams in Europe.

His management skill is different, he’s like a fan on the pitch, you only have to see him coaching on the touchline.
He throws his leg with every kick his players take, he jumps as if to nod the ball in when his players head the ball, he runs the length of the field to his players, slapping their faces and giving bear hugs to celebrate with them.
You would wish Klopp was your daddy, no seriously!

When he joined Liverpool he made a statement to the entire Liverpool fan base, he said it was time to turn from doubter to believer.


Liverpool fans are the best fans in the world when they want to be but this was going to be difficult as the team had seriously underperformed for two years but gradually he worked with the players instilling the self-belief they had lost, you could see the improvement.

One time many fans left the grounds early as the team were losing before a late equaliser.
The coach criticised the fans for leaving when the team needed them. The message went through

But back to yesterday’s European cup tie, after beating arch rivals Manchester United in the previous round Liverpool were drawn to face Dortmund.

An emotional return for Klopp where he had the best years of his managerial career so far.

Truly, it was a special moment as the Germans welcomed one of their own spectacularly.
The whole pre-game talk was centred on this reunion but on the field Dortmund were deemed favourites.

All pundits predicted a demolition job for Dortmund, they were supposed to pick Liverpool apart but Liverpool didn’t read the script.
Someone forgot to send them the memo.

They went to Germany took the first goal and returned to England with a respectable 1-1 draw, the away goal giving them slight advantage.

Still the bookies gave Liverpool no chance of qualifying and they were right by logic.
The Dortmund coach claimed the emotional return of their beloved boy affected them and with that out of the way now there was no way Liverpool had a chance.
This Liverpool were no match for the Dortmund team.
Dortmund had the better players, the big names, they were in lethal form. They were unbeaten in 23 games.

Liverpool on the other hand were hopeful, buoyed by their performance and result in Germany.
The coach knowing the role the supporters could play in being the 12th man on the pitch rallied for the support and my word when Liverpool fans want to support there is no club in world football that is better at supporting.

Jose Mourinho till date can’t get over how the supporters sucked the ball into the net against his Chelsea team in 2005 in what he refers to as the “Ghost goal”.

Liverpool fans setting the atmosphere minutes before the game

The fabled Anfield atmosphere was present and it was a sight to behold.
The supporters came in their numbers with scarfs, flares and pyros to greet the team bus before the showdown. It was simply amazing!

When the teams took to the field it was as if the home team Liverpool were rather dazed and overwhelmed by the occasional.
Within 4 minutes a loose pass leads to a Dortmund goal.

Liverpool now needing to score 2 goals if they are to qualify, by the 11th minute the efficient Dortmund got their second punishing the sloppy play and I’m watching the game like seriously Liverpool?
Now we need to get 3 goals against this superior German team.

The teams go in for half time, I check twitter Liverpool fans talk of a comeback from their team.
Reminding themselves of Istanbul where their team famously came back for 3 goals down at half time to win the trophy against a magnificent Milan team in the 2005 final.



Rival fans are taking the piss outta Liverpool fans.
My phone buzzing with whatsapp notifications as friends start their trolls.

The teams resume, Liverpool get one back.
Come on Liverpool, we need 2 more goals in 45 mins we can do this!!!!

Few minutes later Dortmund score a 3rd, ugh… that’s goodnight for me.
3-1, how do we score 3 unanswered goals with 30 mins remaining.
There seemed no way back, my phone vibrates I ignore it.
Still I watch on, this could get embarrassing for Liverpool real quick, the whole world is tuned in too.

Liverpool make two substitutions.
They carry on, probing, fighting, giving it a go.
A well worked move leads to a shot- goal 3-2.
Okay so we make the score line respectable, we go again! Remember that? Too soon? Forgive me

The Liverpool boys keep on playing fighting for every ball but Dortmund won’t give them a sniff. They defend whatever is thrown at them.

Liverpool get a corner, what a waste, we are terrible at corners all season and it wasn’t different yester night.
Horrific corners all night.
An awful corner goes in and a Liverpool player is unmarked, he heads it. Goal 3-3.

Now… now I sit up, I look at the clock we have 10 mins to get another goal to qualify.
The Dortmund players and supporters are stunned and in silence.
The Liverpool manager gives fist pumps and urges the boys on, the Liverpool supporters know this feeling their underdog team have pulled a comeback, and the fans know they have a part to play if they are to get that winning goal.
The camera zooms in on them as they sing the anthem in far away England and I in Ghana I feel goose bumps all over. Imagine the poor Dortmund players haha…

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp

Game continues, Liverpool miss chances, time is almost gone, 89mins.
Liverpool get a free kick, there right there you feel the whole world freeze, you know its coming, the goal is coming.

Liverpool take the free kick smartly but Dortmund defend.
Game petering out, some how liverpool get the cross in and pause… the much maligned Liverpool defender for the past 2 seasons heads the ball in stamping his transformation.

Liverpool fans all over the world lose it, they’re in a state of delirium and ecstasy.
Pandemonium everywhere, anfield goes wild.
Strangers hugging each other.

Me, I’m still in my seat, shaking… I take time to compose myself, brain processing what I had just witnessed.

Liverpool players celebrate winning goal with fans

Liverpool are known for comebacks but this… this was something special.

This crop of players are not the best, they shouldn’t be a match for this efficient, well-oiled Dortmund machine.

We no longer have our talismanic captain Steven Gerrard who every time singlehandedly dragged us out of sticky situations in the past.

No Messi, no Ronaldo… certainly no Kobe Bryant or Steph Curry but these lads… these boys… they didn’t know when to die.
They didn’t know when to give up.
This team has spirit, it has fight in them.
No longer the soft underbelly Liverpool of the past two years that capitulates under minimal pressure.
A transformed mentality.
And that is down to the manager who sticks it to his old club.

Nobody can explain what happened, it defies logic.
This was a miracle!
Liverpool break the internet




When the Dortmund manager was interviewed, he said “Sh*t happens” he had no explanations.
The Dortmund captain says the players felt the jitters.
Yep that’s right, that’s what the kop does to ya.
It discombobulates you, enervates your defences. Lol, look at me

Dortmund twitter account

This reminded me of why I support this club through all the heartbreak and anger they always make it to the top when the narrative doesn’t suit them.
They never know how to win easy they take you on a rollercoaster all the way, your heart goes fluctuate through all the emotions.

Liverpool has never been full with star studded line up but one thing that has made the club great is the passion to die for the shirt.

Show determination, hard work, grit and the fans will adore you.
It’s days like this that the Liverpool anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone becomes more than a song.

What happened yesterday was unbelieva-pool….!
I love you LIVERPOOL.

Next year is our year! We’re gonna win the league Tra la lala… #YNWA


9 thoughts on “Liverpool- Home of Miracles”

  1. As your sworn nemesis (I’m a Manchester United fan) I would say massive respect for Liverpool pulling the mother of all comebacks. Massive massive respect. I only fear what Klopp would achieve next season.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh you should… you should be very afraid.
      Klopp has got the kop ticking!😈
      I do hope you guys keep LVG tho. The man is doing a terrific job😇


      1. You don’t want him to stay? Think of his family, he’s the bread “winner”(pun intended)😂.
        Origi is looking forward to meeting Rashy & Martial
        Somebody roll on next season already!!!!!!!!


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