My Easter Dream

Joseyphina's World


A skeptical me went to sleep wondering

How I in the present could have had a hand

In the death of a man in history;

I mean, how?

I can appreciate his gesture was selfless;

And I can will myself to accept Him as my Savior;

But to call me a traitor, denier and murderer;

Psst! Spare me, please!

Found myself in another place at another time;

Heard heavy steps approaching;

Soldiers coming my way led by someone who looked familiar;

Heard him say, “The man I shall kiss is the man.”

He approached the Lord and kissed him.

The Lord said, “Would you betray the Son of Man with a kiss?”

But that was…He turned and it was me!

But how could it be?

I then found myself in a courtyard;

Confused, I looked around hoping to find someone I knew;

Then I heard someone say, “This one was…

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