Dirty Loops

Before i begin i’d like to thank my buddy Joshua Kwao for leading me to this band. I have thoroughly enjoyed their work.
Thanks Josh!

Dirty Loops is a three man band from Stockholm Sweden.
The instruments used by the group are just the drums, bass guitar and the keyboard.

What this group does is to take your popular hit songs form the likes of Adele and Bieber completely turn them around with advanced stylistical arrangements.
Fusing jazz, funk, electronica, pop and disco to produce something very different but yet beautiful.

Songs that leave you smiling and cheerful when touched by Dirty loops will leave you frowning and cringing, filling them with minor chords which give a depressing effect kinda like the notes being played when a movie gets to the horrific murderous scene.

This is what Dirty loops do and they make the art of twisting the songs so beautiful.

I wasn’t at all surprised when I learnt these three guys all learnt music at the same university together.

Dirty loops is ACE you should check them out.

Baby- Justin Bieber (Cover)

Rolling In The Deep- Adele (Cover)

Hit Me



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