Strange Magic

I rue the evening I laid eyes on you
You left me feeling blue
Bewitched by your beauty
Distracted in the line of duty
Bamboozled by your presence
Resuscitated by your fragrance

Seeing you fills me with collywobbles

A mundane “Hello” causes my knees to wobble

You enervate my defenses

Vulnerably, I fumble with my tenses
Cheesy lines and sweaty palms
I’d rather write to you poems of praise from the book of Psalms

Emotionless and desiccated
Diagnosed with a deadpan heart condition
You’ve got me amorous and debilitated
Infected by your quixotic potion
Permeated by love’s patch and intoxicated
Disequilibrium- the state of my present situation

She has me spell bound and under control
She’s the puppeteer and I her puppet
Her absence brings torment to my soul
Though her butter, bread, beauty bulge my budget
To see her laugh makes my existence whole
Smitten by the bolts of Cupid, I’m now a hapless romantic git

Enchanted by her personality
Imperfectly perfect, never a man profited by being finicky
See past the flaws and enjoy the first date
Converted believer of fairy tales, glorious insanity!
Losing you to another leaves me panicky
Destined to be together, theory of the soul mate

I bless the day I met you
You tore down my walls and made me fall
You touched my heart and made me human
I want to make you my bride please say “I do”
I promise to do right by you and give you my all
Grant me the singular honour to be called “your man”


~ Jorcil

World Poetry Day 21/03/2016


A/N: Easy easy, I’m handing over my “Hard Guy” and “Real Nigga” badges.
If only I hit the Alt + F4 before the catchy soundtrack from the Strange Magic animation came up, sigh.

But yeah, let’s pretend y’all don’t watch sappy animated productions and stuff away that playlist full with Disney soundtracks.

Today is #WorldPoetryDay and I hope you enjoy the poem at least… No? Ok then


33 thoughts on “Strange Magic”

    1. Hahaha… soon my young Sire. You’ll meet her very soon.
      The only snag is she’s probably Netflix-ing and chill with the other dude she doesn’t know I exist.
      Poor me, and the poor lad 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. So that quiet Jojo guy i always knew was building such huge romantic castle with words in his brains . Anywaes i will steal it and reference you wai 😜😜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, Herh Papa I will get back at you for this. As for the stealing dier what are bros for but you have to come and pay royalties💰 #SeizeTheBae2016 💪


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