Morning Star


Curtains, cameras, lights… stage set

Last persons filing in on tiptoe

Crowd enthused and on the alert

Angry stares keeping noise on the low


Majestically she takes her bow

Her resplendent smile like the month of june

Nimble footed she glides apace

Contorting to the tune

Pirouetting in grace

A shimmy here, a swivel there

In awe her audience fixate

As she dances her way full with love

For a glimpse, men grate their gait at the gate.

Angelic melodies her vocals churn

Soothing the soul and relaxing nerves

Riffs, runs, high pitch


Her notes she hits with gusto

Like the nightingale but without the falsetto

A swirl here, a twirl there

The final dance she takes with aplomb

Shades of the night of prom

A glorious night to be the attraction

The crowning moment she executes with perfection


Coda, she fades out behind the curtains

Morgenstern– the insatiable crowd chant for an encore

To the curtain call she reappears

Cameras, ghost lights directors zoom

Momentous moment as she receives the bloom

To the applauds she blows kisses

Titillated lads punctilious under the wary eyes of the missus

Hats flailing, scarfs whirling, hands waving


Blurry sights and bright lights

Snap! Back to reality she crashes

Lost in the planet of the mind’s sleight

Straight for the train station she dashes

Half an hour late to the voir dire

Inexplicably she checks into a dance lab

Clarity of mind in sync with desire of heart

The court room was not to be her playground

But for the stage she was made to dazzle

Her soul obedient to the gramophone but not the rhythm of the gavel

Unfazed by the threat to disbar

She cared not for she was destined to be a star

Morgenstern‘The Morning Star’

~ Jorcil

Coda: term used in music primarily to designate a passage that brings a piece (or a movement) to an end.

Crescendo: a gradual increase in the loudness of a sound or section of music

Falsetto: a very high voice used by a man (such as a male singer)
It’s a voice so high it sounds false

Overture: piece of music played at the start of an opera, a musical play, etc.

Pirouette: full turn on the front of one foot in ballet

Voir dire: Jury selection process of questioning prospective jurors, to ascertain their qualifications and determine any basis for challenge.


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