Smokin’ Aces- World Of Pencils

Ok, so today I reveal one of my secrets to how I always have a beautiful laptop background, phone wallpaper and whatsapp display picture.

A big part of it has to do with WORLD OF PENCILS.
I stumbled on this by a tweet I saw years back and decided to check out the instagram account and I have been amazed ever since.
World of pencils as the name suggests is all about drawings- pencil, pen, charcoal and tattoo arts.
I love this account because it never falls short of keeping me entertained.

The account displays arts produced by various artists.

One thing I like about this account is that they hold nothing back from the spontaneous creativity of the featured artists.
The drawings exhibited range from serene and calm to deranged and vicious, from sweet ‘awwies’ to creepy, goofy and borderline scary.

As we’re now in an era of evidence- based governance, I will let their works do the talking.

The Joker
Unreal drawing. Stunning!


I absolutely love this pic. The whole idea and the message it conveys
Demented Medling kidz (Scooby Doo)
Cool Spidey tattoo
Oscar winner Leo DiCaprio
Kung fu Panda
Red Skull
Good ol' Morgan Freeman

Spice up your instagram timeline by giving them a follow cos they’re ACE!



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