3-Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

I have been nominated to participate in this 3-Day quote challenge by JoyManda and I gladly accept.
Thanks for nominating me, I appreciate it.


These are the rules of the challenge:

1. Thank the one who nominated you.

2. Post either one or three quotes a day for three days.

3. Nominate three bloggers to participate per post.

4. Post in three consecutive days.


I hereby nominate the following bloggers:

The Vu Chronicles

Walk with Beckhar

Awo Writes


I chose these quotes because often in life we come up against challenges that seem insurmountable but deep down within us lies streams of untapped potential and if we can tap into our inner self we can achieve anything whiles growing in the process.
Also seeing other people make it or get the success we aspire to reach should be a source of motivation to carry on and not discourage us.
And just as the last quote says we should always give off our best irrespective of our audience. Remember my post Awaiting your “Lira” moment ? If not, go check it out.


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