Smokin’ Aces- Adomaa Music

Afraba Ep cover

So I write this post to rave about a young lady who’s making waves with her music.

She’s known for her brilliant mashups like Baafira- Adonai and Evolution of GH Music.
Where she blesses and blends these original songs with her super cool afro jazz flare.
Think of it this way, the already beautiful Cinderella (Original soundtracks) being polished up by the Fairy God mother (Adomaa), giving Cindy the glass shoes befitting for a dance with the Prince at the royal banquet.

Baafira- Adonai mashup

Evo of GH Music

Now here’s where it gets really exciting. Adomaa had been working on coming up with something of hers- Afraba EP.
A mini album of a sorts, released on 31st Jan 2016.

However, before the release she dropped one of the songs Traffic jam and it was great.
From the lyrics to the beat, everything was nice and simple.

I particularly love the video clip- taxi roaming through the busy streets of Accra, where everyone is going about their daily business routine.
Our beloved power energy provider ECG couldn’t help but feature in it.
They just couldn’t resist the urge, they had to make an appearance.
Thankfully there was no power cut, no dum-sor y3nko!

And like Adomaa promised, her project Afraba EP came out 3 days ago and my word, it is QUALITY.

It has been trending on social media especially twitter.





Polls were even held to find the most popular song amongst the lot.


From the poll you can see the votes are evenly dispersed, a testament to how great each song is.

Through the songs Adomaa “the musical butterfly” shares her story about her journey in music and life in general.
Starting from “State of mind” to “Born Again”, “Hollow Spaces” through to “Sign Out”, backed with dope instrumentals, beautiful vocalisation and harmonisation backed by lovely concepts creating this brilliant work of art.
They even got Maame Dokono out of her story telling retirement to give it a nostalgic feel. Like Whaaaaaaaaaaaattt?!


The songs are brilliant and the great thing about it is Adomaa made all of them available free of charge.
All you have to do is click on the sound cloud link below, download, listen and SHARE it with friends and family.

Spread joy to the world for freely you have received from the talent that is Adomaa (The musical butterfly).

I’d fully understand if you think I’m a part of her publicity team or taken some payola but NO! I’m not.

Her work is that good to cause me speak this highly of her.
Her quality music offers a refreshing escape from the cacophonous kakai-esque torture they call music, that our tympanic membranes are brutally subjected to, on our airwaves on daily basis.

I’m just a fan of good quality music and if I hear your song and I enjoy it I will talk about it and share it.
But I guess at this point you can call me an Adomaaniac.
I have been converted and baptised.

Adomaa is that good, she’s ACE!!!!!!!!


And for the life of me, I just can’t seem to get that instrumentation from “Sign Out” outta my head.
Charley edey disturb me waa especially the brass sect.

Where my Adomaa head scarf saf dey?


9 thoughts on “Smokin’ Aces- Adomaa Music”

    1. Oh you really should. The young lady is very good.
      Watch the Evo of GH Music mash up she did. You’d recognise the song and enjoy them


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