Why I’ve Stopped Comparing Myself To People

The Perfect Piece


God is teaching me a lot much about life, and so much about myself…daily, hourly and by the minute. No one but Him can say they know all there is to life, or that they know everything that will come in their own lifetime.  There are things I know today that I did not know or didn’t think applied to myself just a week ago! But thankfully I know now. One of these things is that…..

Comparison is draining. 

And I’m learning that gradually.

The thing is, I thought I knew this before, especially during my academic years. I knew that we were all individual students and we all had our subjects we would be good at and others wouldn’t. However, this isn’t a concept that should only be applied in academic cases, but one that is also relevant to all aspects of life. God is teaching me to stop comparing myself to others. Period.

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2 thoughts on “Why I’ve Stopped Comparing Myself To People”

  1. Wow, each and everyday He keeps on showing us that each one and his or her purpose. Like the saying goes, one man’s meat is another’s poison. what you hate is what another likes. Comparison is a limitation

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