By now you might have heard or if not watched the movie WAR ROOM. It’s a Christian movie about an elderly Christian woman teaching a younger woman how to pray. And in doing this, the elderly woman helps this young lady save her marriage which was at the tipping point of going off the rails.

I was a little late to the party as it premiered on 28th august and I finally got to watch it after supper on Boxing Day.
For me this has been the best movie I have watched all year. I don’t care what you think, your opinion doesn’t matter.
I know a certain someone would be shaking his head and try make a case for “The Intern”, which is quite good. Any movie that can boast of starring Robert De Niro & Anne Hathaway is bound to be good. The concept was refreshing and all but it comes nowhere near “War Room”.

Yeah, so why War Room is great and a must see. 
It builds and stirs up ones faith and shows how potent the power of prayer can be in our lives.
There are so many scenes in the movie that i’d like to touch on but i doubt i would be able to do that without giving away spoilers.

Instead what I’ll do is to just touch on a  few highlights I loved in the movie;

Coffee Analogy:
I totally loved the “coffee analogy”, that was an absolute slam dunk by Ms Clara. One Kobe & LeBron would be proud of. Driving home her point with precision and not mincing around.

I was particularly blown away by the powerful monologue at the beginning.
The number of times I’ve had to loop just that part to listen over and over again I can’t count.

War has been part of humanity in every age…There always seems to be something to fight for.
Very few of us know how to fight the right way or understand who we are really fighting against.
We need to have the right [plan] and resources because victories don’t come by accident.

~ Miss Clara

A praying wife:
Never underestimate the prayer of a wife let alone a hurting one.

At the beginning  you see a couple fight and the male takes off in his car. You can see palm prints on the car glass which had probably been left there after several retakes of that scene. There’s just something about that imperfection that I like.

This is a top notch quality movie from the Kendrick Brothers.
There a lot of good christian movies out there and if I am being honest a good majority are not really high quality with regards to the acting or picture quality. But war room has everything, be it the acting, picture quality or brilliant and captivating storyline, just name it. It’s all in there.

The movie is of a high standard and would rival any movie for the best 2015 movie gong. Yep, it’s that good, watch it!

The only downside to the movie for me was that it had no slot for one of my favourite songs Prayer saved my life by James Fortune.
I think it would have been a perfect fit for the movie.
If I had one question for the Kendrick Brothers it would be “why didn’t use this song as the theme song for the movie, bruh?

There’s one line from the track I always wait for in the song.
At that point in the song (02:08) James Fortune  says

I can remember  as a boy walking in on my grandmother and she’d be on her knees interceding for her family. Now she’s no longer here but because prayers don’t expire, I believe those same prayers are carrying me through the day.

Prayers don’t expire!
Thank you for praying for me, your prayers saved my life. Hallelujah…!
I need more victories in 2016 and they sure won’t come by accident. 🙏


14 thoughts on “WAR ROOM”

  1. wow! now I’m “sal-EYE-vating” and itching to watch this movie…..I think u deserve some “coins” from the film-maker for this….udierr come for one SO-BANA like that…😉

    Liked by 1 person

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