To the Schmoozing Community…

The year has come to an end, well almost.
It has gone by rather quickly. I can remember so many things that happened in January as though it were yesterday.

I dunno for you but for me this year has been pretty great with few lows and so many highs. Even the lows in retrospect make the grade to be on the list of highs.

The year has been eventful, littered with fun moments, from spending time with family, to graduating from uni, the union of close family in marriage, national service and the few side gigs.
And oh, setting up the blog and meeting you ranks at the very top the list.

Speaking of the blog, it’s been an awesome experience. I have enjoyed every bit of it.
The joy of writing, the anxiety of waiting to see the reaction it triggers.
Will they like it or will they hunt me down and burn my house to the ground?
It has been wonderful and fulfilling.
I have met and made new friends courtesy of this platform.
You guys also reading have been magnificent.
Why you choose to keep reading stuff from a dude who has no clue where to place a comma, or hyphen I just don’t know.
No, seriously, there are days where I wake up and tell myself “SILLY YOU, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? WHY DID YOU GET YOURSELF INTO THIS? HOW ARE YOU GOING TO TOP THAT?” Then I read your comments and messages then someway somehow I feel all good about what I’m doing and then I find a new verve to go onto the next post.

You see, the comments you guys write are way better than the blog posts. I don’t know how you guys do it, I seriously can’t think far.
I read them and begin to scratch my head thinking how do I reply to this? Then I wrack my brain for several minutes and all I can come up with is a “thank you” or “really appreciate”.
But the thing is I really mean every bit of the “thank you”.
There are times I receive messages on facebook, whatsapp or via email from you guys discussing the topics and on several occasions I have had to take a breather, soak everything in and later pinch myself just to be sure it’s all real.
That’s the effect you guys have on me.

In gratitude I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge some people who have been instrumental in getting the blog going.

It is said that

“The flavour of gratitude is like the nectar of the hive”

First, Gloria (A4); she really helped me in starting this thing: Sending my initial posts to people and bringing me feedback, linking me to other bloggers so I could get first hand info about what I was getting into, I couldn’t thank her enough. I think the blog outlasting “Telemo” is a start as someone once told her I would fade faster than the Gasmilla’s soundtrack. Funny statement I know hahaha…

Next, my big brother, manager, pastor, friend, mentor and critic (my personal Simon Cowell) all rolled up in one- Ps Francis Agyinasare. I appreciate this man’s input, he really helped me whip the blog into shape. Guiding and helping me find a purpose for doing this. As well as, extracting a few poems outta me. Trust me I was surprised myself.

Then there’s Elsie Quayson and Audrey Plange. You could call them my chief editors, they always checking out for dotted i(s) and crossed t(s).

Special mentions to my boys Andycil (Flashy), Yaw Ahenkora and Samuel Amoh. They’re normally my first audience when I want to read out loud (not that they have a choice really). I put them through the pain of having to listen to my hoarse damaged voice. There are also my broadcasting soldiers. Good job fellas!

Shout out to the top 10 commenters on the blog:

1. Evanhaim
2. Elsie Quayson
3. Michael Dodoo
4. Afua Twumwaah
5. Amanda
6. Andycil
7. Pognaa
8. Felix Writes
9. Jane Quist
10. Mz Naa

Also a special mention to UGBS class 2015 you guys nudged me in this direction and you keep encouraging me to write. The group has also been a muse for most the write ups, you guys rock!

There’s also another group I’d like to thank. The group doesn’t have a name they just go with the flow, whatever is trending. Currently the group name is “Mourinho Sacked!” These guys read every single post I throw at them.
Shout out to you guys, Flora, Ama, Jem, Edna, Martyn-Dickens, Henry, Josh, Sonny, and Shepherd.

Also I’d like to say a thank you to the guys from the “Treasure Trove blog” group for extending their invitation to me and the warm reception. It’s been nice getting to meet y’all.

My family back on campus Perez Campus ministry (PCM).

Not forgetting my killerz from “Superfluous” Alaye, Gerald, Lujan and Michael.

On the whole blogging has been a fun new experience and I’m glad I took the step into this world of writing.

But enough with all this, Christmas is upon us and baby Jesus deserves all the attention. He came and died for our sins so we might have life in abundance. Let’s celebrate him and forget those who are historically obsessed with the DOB.


This is the time to rejoice and be happy. So go out, make merry, spend time with loved ones but most importantly put a smile on somebody’s face this Christmas. Share with everybody.

Happy holidays, enjoy yourself.
Tis the season to be jolly, Tra lala la la…


PS: Thumbs up to all the other bloggers I have met on here. You guys are doing a fantastic job. Keep it up and I hope to rip and learn more stuff from you.

PPS: If you did not find your name up there please don’t be offended. I love you all so much.
Your contribution to my fragile yet highly inflatable ego is vital and is by no means taken for granted. I know some people won’t forgive but hey it’s christmas!!!!!!!!

PPPS: A special thank you to everyone one I have bombarded with my post be it through whatsapp, or excessive tagging on facebook and twitter. Joseph, Kamp, Dag, Senam, Cliff, Stanley, Smart, Amoah, Emma, 2048, Brolin etc
Thank you for not lashing out on me. I promise to change for the better and bombard you more.

PPPPS: To those who also read silently but do not comment too I say thank ya. And those who read, like and send their thoughts through the crew and other means I see you too… Matilda, Baaba, Ohemaa, Nana Akua, Suzzy, Afua, Marian, Emily, Gabby, Priscy, Lady Kath

PPPPPPS: Now this is getting outta hand someone better hold me before another PS.

PPPPPPPS: Hehehehehe, it’s too late!

PPPPPPPPS: Ok fine, I can’t think of anything else. Except for…


May 2016 be full of blessings and may it be the best year ever for us all.

Note: Info reaching me from the North Pole is that if you do not find any present under your Christmas tree despite the fact that you do not have a chimney. Just know you haven’t been naughty, Santa couldn’t make it cos Rudolph had to go get a nose job.


MERRY CHRISTMAS… Stay alive and stay SCHMOOZING!!!!!!


27 thoughts on “To the Schmoozing Community…”

  1. Was imbibed in the Ugbs class group..hunh!! big up bro..u killing lyk the flow n choice of words..U already know would hunt you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Errrmm….like I always say…I could almost hear u speak and that’s one unique thing about ur write-ups…the comments are real man and not just cos we have to say something nice to support a bruv. U are on ur way to greatness man….that’s means more hardwork and more responsibility…don’t relax kraa….and oh…thanks for the acknoledgment…ONE SOOPINA FOR U😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My personal favourite this year was; I’m pregnant handle with care 👌..One of the few bloggers i know with captivating title..Even if i’m not in the mood, because of the title i’m always tempted to finish his write-ups.Keep on schmoozing for us bro..We ur Tamale based fans love ur work bro..It shows ur open mindedness. And oh oh ..Thanks for the acknowledgment too…Jorcilto !!!!!…Gye two ✌✌

    Liked by 1 person

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