Our World Needs You

I need you
My world needs you
My world sucked into a black hole.
My world thrust into chaos
Stuck in the revoling door of turmoil and confusion.
Mass murders and destruction everywhere.

Dreadful and treachrous deeds pursued in the name of religion.
Religion stretched to its extreme
A waned elastic
Attacking ourselves trying to prove which religion is peaceful, twisted huh?
To prove who’s wrong, who’s right
Forgetting we are one people
People with family and friends to care for.
One people with the same blood running through our veins
Forget the labels!

Our world is hurting
We are lost and confused
So much strife and grief wherever you turn
Our world is lost
Our world is missing something
And that is you
Our world needs you
Wallowing in our folly we may not admit it
But our world needs you.
Our world needs you, J-E-S-U-S.
No two ways about that.
Our world truly needs you.


I really do not know what to call this. Whether it’s a poem or whatever but in a spontaneous moment where my playlist shuffled to the song below. The lyrics jumped out at me.
And with news of all the chaos happening all over the globe, this just poured out of me.
Our world very much needs JESUS.

My world needs you – Kirk Franklin ft (Sarah Reeves, Tamela Mann & Tasha Cobbs)

I’m really in love with this song from Kirk Franklin’s new album “Losing my religion”.
Every song on the album has been a blessing to me. “Pray for me”, “123 victory”, ” Over”, “No sleep tonight” all of them.

I cant help but believe that the release and timing of this album in this particular time is divinely sent from God to the world through his manservant Mr. Franklin with heavenly precision.

Brilliant song from the legendary Kirk Franklin and he couldnt have gotten any better trio of anointed and seasoned gospel artistes to feature on the track other than Sarah Reeves, Tamela Mann & Tasha Cobbs.
God bless Kirk Franklin and continue to use to spread his word.


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