How I got here?

Long overdue this post, the story about how I got here. This should have been one of the earlier posts.
Why it isn’t I can’t tell but let’s just blame it on global warming and get on with it.

I never thought of blogging and I still do not see myself as a writer or blogger for that matter. I told you, global warming!

I love being on the other side, looking to read the works of others, searching for new and exciting blogs to read and share with friends, delve into them, dissect, analyze, criticize and take sides either for or against the writer whiles bullying the opposing side to succumb and accept our point of view.

It was fun, still is but never did I for a second think I’d transition to the opposite side of the fence to hold the pen.
It started during the dying embers of uni, few days to completion.

I don’t know what my mates had eaten that particular day.
One of the class whatsapp groups I belong to suddenly became gassed with nostalgia. The mood was all sappy and cuddly with unicorns and flying ponies everywhere.
Given the chance they’d have probably formed a circle holding hands humming Michael Jackson’s “we are the world”.

The writers within the group, quite a number of them (check them out JoyManda’s blog , Awo Writes, Philadelphia Writes , started scribbling away with titles like Mandy Talks, Philadelphia Writes, Akani Speaks, Clifford Informs, Opana Observes.

Talking about their various experiences from academics, to relationships during their four year stay on campus, to what and how they expected life after school to be like etc… and as for me I was at my somewhere oo..  Quietly enjoying the write ups till I saw my name pop up outta nowhere “Jorcil, you are always doing brofosem but you’ve never written anything”.

Just like that, that boy Clifford just talk ein mind simple, oh.
Meanwhile I never do “abrofosem”, smh.

So I decided to try my hands at writing something. What did I have lose anyway and besides, they’d understand if my post was boring and not up to the lofty standards set by the others(I was kidding myself, there was no way those bunch of savages where going to cut me some slack, the guys especially).

So I picked up the gauntlet thrown and this is what I came up with, it was a few days to a trip organized by our class to go chill out at Aqua Safari resort, Ada after our last undergrad paper.

That whatsapp admin and his whatsapp page

UGBS CLASS 2015 @ Aqua Safari
Photo credit: MoShutter Photography
IG: @moshutter

Social networking has altered approaches to socialization and communication. It has declined face-to-face interactions but in its own weird but funny way has compensated for it by bringing people together regardless of physical boundaries, social class along with other perks.

The UGBS 2015 class whatsapp page is a typical example of the gains associated with social media.
The group has existed for about 2 years now I believe and though I was not privy to the inception, I do recall a small skinny boy climb half way up the stairs of the UGBS R. S. Amegashie to give an announcement. With the class silent in anticipation of some academic related information or ITEM 13 related (just Toddison, Martey, Hammond and Dadson) the words that proceeded outta the boy’s mouth were “if you belong to the group with Lil Yohanan [Hebrew rendition] as group admin” please wait behind for a group picture” or something along that line if not the exact wording. The announcement was met with laughter, jeers and some snide comments (I might have passed a few of those myself, hehe…)

Fast forward to present day the group has blossomed with every tweak and upgrade that the whatsapp engineers have come up with and now has a full capacity of 100 members with a long queue of people on the outskirts seeking an opportunity to get in on a piece of the action.

What makes the group distinct from your regular whatsapp group is the fusion of openness, camaraderie, spirituality, academic excellence, tinted with a dash of savvy business panache, sprinkled with confetti of joviality, bounded by mutual respect for one another.
The group is made up of wonderful people, each possessing unique set of attributes. We have the ‘lol-ers & hmm-ers’, those who only comment when they want info and disappear after, ministers, comedians, the loquacious community, the silent readers etc. which is cool cos in their own way they contribute to the positive synergy of the group.

This is no ordinary social network group, NOPE! The group has the super power of morphing into whatever the members will. I’ve witnessed the group transform into a talk show programme (looking in your direction Mimi), a church, comic relief center, radio station, study room, motivational seminar, and heck! The group even provides match- making services where members find their missing ribs.

Prior, to my joining of the group somewhere within level 300 first semester, friends who were already in the group were always talking and bigging up the group. They would “gbaa” me  “filla” saa… and it seemed I was missing out on something special so I decided to join and check out the hype for myself and auspiciously the group lived up to its rep.

Recently, someone asked what would happen to the group in 10 years’ time. Ten years is a long but short time and I earnestly hope the group stays together if not necessarily on whatsapp. Who knows, with the way IT is moving, in 5-7yrs we might be pulling holograms outta the air interacting with each other. But if for some reason the group cannot stay together and must dissolve I for one will cherish and hold dear all the friendships, joy and memories this group created.
And as we go to celebrate our end to 4 years of academic hassle in the “eau de la Safari” I hope we all heed to the call of our group admin and wait behind for that group picture.

Inspired and dedicated to UGBS CLASS 2015.

Love y’all!

That was written on the 24/05/15 and it elicited a positive response out of them. I enjoyed the thrill of trying to write something for an audience however controversial they could be, they enjoyed reading it, I enjoyed the fact that they liked it and took the time to read and how I was showered with praise till I could no longer feel my head on my neck any longer.

Then I thought to myself, this writing thing ain’t bad at all but I still never thought about starting a blog till… because… umm… well… yea, GLOBAL WARMING.


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