Two months into national service and I have had a completely different lens through which I view life.
Stepping out into the real world you realize how things aren’t rosy and easy coming.
Just a two month taste of work has got me scratching my head thinking “whoosh, this is not what I signed up for… “
Truth be told, work has been a welcoming change from lecture halls, a nice change in environment.
In service to mother Ghana, some of us find ourselves in very remote parts of the country which the Ghana map itself never knew existed. Despite being deprived of the basic social amenities in such areas they duly and humbly go about their national obligation, changing and touching lives. (Power to them and may their works speak for them).
Others also find themselves in urban cities going about their business, coolio.
Some colleagues too find themselves in postings where I personally feel the government is failing to tap and benefit from the huge repository of potential.
Take the NSS personnel directing traffic for instance, yeah, look at all that human resource being mismanaged and underutilised.
Directing traffic– a task  in this age of technology which could be easily done by some kid in glasses coding his way to create a programme to  fix our broken traffic light system yet we choose to remain in the neanderthal age doing everything  by brawl and brute force.
But hey, what do I know, they say national service so…  ahhh… we’ll serve.

Though I have a gripe with that category of service I surmise my colleagues who find themselves there if not for nothing have been trained on the traffic regulations and can pass on what they’ve learnt to educate their friends. So there’s some good in there somewhere.

Some downsides to the initial stages of work life and I believe my colleagues will agree with me on this are; having to wake up at dawn in the very young hours of the day, skipping breakfast, only to wait in queues for a troski or on occasions sneaking and wiggling your way into the long awaited vehicle when the lorry station goes crazy and transforms into a WWE Royal Rumble. (The rich kids with cars have no idea, lol).
Reluctantly having to pick a cab (not so fun looking at my wallet) because your alarm was of no use or dreading a down pouring of rain, leaving you to the mercy leech-like creatures- taxi drivers.

For those who have to cross rivers, I can only imagine how you do it

The early morning traffic jam, the scorching hot weather, the rain, flood, after-work traffic jam. [Not that I blame God, far from it]
The late night school, the traffic jam again on the way back home, getting home very late, having to drink a beverage or sleep without dinner because it’s too late for heavy food accompanied with its indigestion problems at that ungodly hour, micro managing your last pesewa when the allowance isn’t in yet because the maturity period for the T-bill the government invested in with the allowance isn’t up yet. (A conspiracy theory I heard, funny but plausible hehe…)
And the painful one of them all, little sleep… Oh the sleep!

So I asked those who have been working for sometime how they’ve coped with such a lifestyle, they just laugh wholeheartedly leaving me to think I have just been sucked into a vicious cycle.
Why weren’t we warned? Why wasn’t there a signpost? A user’s  guide, something, anything? How could they forget?!
Work life hasn’t been all bad; pay little attention to my exaggerations.Work has been a fun new experience, refreshingly exhausting.
You get to meet new and different people, new opportunities; amidst the epiphanies to theories learnt in class as work gives you a hands-on approach.
The spice of office politics and drama adds its own relish though it can be overwhelming and draining.
Yet I miss those school days, when sitting through a boring lecture felt like the world’s most tedious task and falling onto your bed was the best feeling ever.
Those days when you always got to see your friends and have fun.
Those days when you had time to yourself, do things for yourself, at your own pace.
Oh how I long for those days.


How I wish I could go back in time but sadly we haven’t found a way around that.
It’s rather surprising that for all the ground-breaking discoveries science has blessed us with it can’t seem to win the battle against quantum space-time.
We’ve been to the moon, been to Mars and back but can’t go back in time, that’s just lazy if you ask me.
Better get your backs into it and work harder you brainy nerdy geeks

Seeing kids hop happily to school with glee makes me envious. I want to go but I’m stuck, stuck like those celebrities on the reality Tv show who shout “Get me out of here” and just like that they are whisked out of the jungle.
I tried screaming but nobody came, I guess I’m no celebrity then. But I’ll try once more,  I have nothing to lose anyway. If nothing comes of it I guess I have no option than to adjust to this life and move on.
It’s all part of growing up but growing up certainly isn’t fun!


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