Symphony of the Light

Our lives are nothing but bits and pieces of notes to a perfect symphony.

^^^Finally, somebody who gets it and can actually put it into words. Absolutely love it

Cries Of An Unheard Shadow

“There’s a song in heaven called the Symphony of Light” – Robert BD.

Here’s what people think. They think music is words and a beat. They think it’s entertainment in the form of pleasure-consuming sounds.

Here’s what they don’t know…
They don’t know that music is a person. A personality who can breathe and feel and see and love and hate.
The drumbeats are music’s heartbeat
The piano are his nerves
The violins are his breath
The lyrics are his life
The duration is his adventure

Over the years music has revolutionized to become what he is now. He began his walk from heaven, in whose hands the Angels caressed and in whom God revealed his eternal glory.
Through music, God thought of human beings. To make one of his own kind – who could be like him. Knowing there was nothing more infinite than what he felt, he sent…

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