1. Still amazed- Jon Mcreynolds
2. How awesome is our God- Israel Houghton ft. Yolanda Admas
3. I give you my heart- Blerisa 
4. Storyteller- Morgan Harper Nichols ft Jamie Grace
5. Baba na you- Paul Chisom
6. I luh God- Erica Campbell
7. Living water- Travis Greene (2012)
8. You Love Me (Best of Me)- Anita Wilson
9. You are the reason- Mario Ese
10. Never runs dry- Casey J
11. I’m yours- Casey J
12. The Promise- Tiff Joy
13. Whole- Jon Mcreynolds ft. India Arie [Life Music stage 2 album]
14. Maintain- Jon Mcreynolds ft. Chantae Cann [Life Music stage 2 album]
15. Yes you can- Marvin Sapp
16. I Draw Near- Jessica Love ft Todd Dulaney
17. Intercession- William Mcdowell
18. Have your way- Fred Hammond [I will trust album]
19. I’m good- Tim Bowman Jr
20. Yes- Lawrence Flowers
21. Anything can happen- Jonathan Nelson [Anything can happen album]
22. Saved- Deitrick Haddon [Masterpiece album] to be released in November
23. Mensuro- Joe Mettle
24. Prayer saved my life- James Fortune & FIYA new single
25. Glorious Deliverer- Cobehams
26. Dance- 3 Winans Brothers
27. Holy spirit- Chombe
28. He’ll never give up- Casey J
29. Burn it all down- Lexi (2012)
30. The Story- Jimmy Needham

Better get a fire extinguisher near you cos your sounds systems are about to catch FIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love every single one of these songs. I wouldn’t be able to choose the best outta the bunch but gun-to-head, if I had to choose one, Anita Wilson’s track #8 would be my pick.
Dope instrumentation, matured laid down groove. The song has a peculiar feel to it, I can’t place a finger on what exactly it is but the song kinda teleports me to the 80s, probably to an underground jazz setting where talented musicians woo their audience who keep nodding their heads as a way of endorsing and appreciating excellent music.

Mary Mary have always been wild and this half (Erica Campbell) didn’t disappoint with her “I Luh God”. This is one for the rap lovers

Jon Mcreynolds, Travis Greene, Casey j, Todd Dulaney, Jamie Grace- Simply AWESOME. With this generation of musicians, gospel music is in good hands

Loved Jimmy Needham’s “The Story”, I think it was more of spoken word. Really liked the concept, cool video as well

Blerisa, Chisom, Chombe & Mario Ese- Brilliant songs from our Nigerian brothers. Spirit filled, quality music transcending the shores of the African continent.

Bra. Joe Mettle… need I say more???

Lemme just shut up before I end up writing a dissertation. Freshen your playlist and enjoy
Gospel music rocks!


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