For a few retweets, likes & shares

Ok, so social media has been the best thing man has come up with since sliced bread.
We no longer have to battle time and space to communicate with each other.
Times have changed!
There are now varieties of platforms for which people can interact.
We live in times where social media is the drive of our lives, times where the thirst to be represented, recognized and accepted on these platforms is so real.
With all its numerous advantages it also has its down side like all things man-made.
We’re now in an era where we’d rather waste precious time on social media than pick a book to read.
We’d rather have more likes and comments than develop ourselves and acquire a skill.
Don’t get me wrong, social media is not a bad thing but how it’s used could make it detrimental. There’s nothing wrong logging in on a platform to release tension, have a laugh, interact and share precious captured moments with friends and family.
But what we normally witness on these platforms is the sad opposite.
In a quest to be accepted by a particular group of people we conform to certain standards, ideals and peculiar way of life, most of which are just silly.
On interactive platforms like Facebook and Twitter especially, you can hardly refresh your newsfeed without encountering a banquet of vulgarism.
It seems the nastier one can be, the more likes, followers or retweets you get.
All manner of vituperations are thrown about, so much cussing and incessant use of uncouth language, you wonder if that’s how the people behind these accounts really are in real life but they say hey, don’t judge me by my tweets, it’s just twitter.
People hide behind these accounts and because they can qwerty together a few words (keyboard warriors I call them) rain all sorts of abuse on people who in reality they’d even stutter in an attempt to mumble a “hi” or “hello”.
They get the chance to address anyhow people they’d probably never have the opportunity to meet even if they died and were reincarnated.
Occasionally, you see people being heckled (celebrities most of the time) for maybe committing grammatical errors “gbaament” or for stating an untrue fact. Who said Nana Aba? Thought I heard her name.
That’s no problem we all can enjoy good healthy banter but some people push the boundaries and go the extreme, trying  to show how comedy is second nature to them. Which is largely the opposite, as they expose their immaturity.
You often find out that they do this to acquire status amongst their colleagues such as “HARD GUY”, “BOSS CHICK”.
Another, funny truth about social media is that it has the tendency to create a false sense of grandeur, displaying every little and irrelevant detail of our lives.
7 out of 10 what we see is not actual truth, we are often not privy to the whole story of a picture.


“Social media has created jealous behaviour over illusions. Some of you are envious of things, relationships and lifestyles that don’t even exist.”

Smart Kwaku Takyi Nixon

Some years back, the fellowship I worshipped with back on campus went for missions in Tarkwa, in the Western region and spent all week doing churchy stuff, evangelising, holding crusades etc.
We barely had time to ourselves, the only times we had, we used for lunch break or siesta.
On our last day, we wanted to cool off a bit – you know take it easy, so during our morning walk we decided to stop over at a nice park and then as you can imagine, the poses went wild and the selfies flew in like an avalanche. I posted a few of the pictures on instagram and some comments from friends were like “are you sure this was a missions trip” we laughed over it but the truth of the matter was the camera only captured a brief 20-30 minutes break but didn’t tell the whole story of the trip.
Likewise, in the same manner, we see pictures on Instagrams, Facebook, Pinterest and Whatsapp display pictures and think “wow, this guy/girl is living the life” but in truth we are only allowed a sneak peek into the person’s life.
If ever we were to get the full picture we’ll stop being envious and itchy to be like the person and be content with what we have.
Still on the false sense of grandeur, a lot of people seem to be suffering from the “I’m-better-than-you” syndrome because they have a high number of following or high number of likes, and comments on their posts. How laughable and sad that we place self-worth on virtual things and identities.
The disgusting of them all, is the posting of explicit images and X-rated pictures and videos on social media.
We’ve lost all moral boundaries that we feel comfortable uploading images and videos on these platforms.
Facebook walls are littered with pornography, Twitter timelines (TL) are whitewashed with illicit images, nudity, sextapes etc. And we seem not to be worried about it, which is quite staggering.
At times you wonder what has become of this generation. Do we even have any conscience that we boldly display these distasteful and inappropriate things without shame or remorse?
It’s sickening, I’m tired, I can’t hold it in anymore.
I didn’t write this to please anyone, so please keep your retweets, likes and shares to your ‘pap’ self.


12 thoughts on “For a few retweets, likes & shares”

  1. I like how you take serious topics and use a dose of wit and humour to drive the lesson home. May we all live to impress God alone and whenever we are tempted to go the way of the crowd when is folly, may we pause and ask ourselves, “What will Jesus do?”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. with no minced words, you nailed it.
    thing is, most are crowd pullers and crowd followers..

    if only we would stand for standing out and be the lights in the midst of darkness, then being different, we would make the difference.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Em, you can do your bit by sharing it within your immediate circle. It might not reach anyone but it’s a start.
      Thanks for your comment too *starres wink*😆


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