Ghana’s very own super hero

“When evil men destroy, good men must build and bind”- Anas Aremeyaw Anas

Anas Aremeyaw Anas, if you’re Ghanaian then this is certainly no new name to you.
This name has become a household name on the continent of Africa. The name has become synonymous with anti-corruption and espionage.

Anas and his team the Tiger eye P.I who have specialized in undercover journalism or immersion journalism have sacrificed their lives in their unrelenting battle against corruption that has eaten deep into the roots of the Africa continent.
They go the extreme to expose corrupt and unscrupulous folks who are dragging the already struggling continent through the murky waters of corruption.
Risking their very own lives whilst endangering the lives of people close to them is a hazard of the profession.

Anas and his team’s main aim of their journalism is to affect society in the most progressive way by providing hard-core evidence. Their journalism is hinged on three main principles- naming, shaming and jailing the perpetrators involved in these shameful deeds.
The tiger eye team over the years have released several exposés all over the continent, notable amongst them are the corruption in the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), illegal smuggling of cocoa beans from Ghana to Cote d’Ivoire, “spirit child” which involved the killing of deformed babies (Ghana & Burkina Faso), “The spell of the Albino” (Tanzania), violation of human rights at the Accra psychiatric Hospital, the corruption at the Ghana custom service (CEPS) and the maltreating of orphaned kids at the Osu children’s home.

Lately, the ace journalist placed his magnifying glass on the judiciary of Ghana, uncannily fulfilling the prophecy of Ghanaian music icon Sarkodie. Who in his rap verse of the PIZZA & BURGER soundtrack said

“Judgefo) aa mo gyegye amanfo) dough, monshwɛ no yie na Anas reba…”

(Translation: Judges who take bribe be careful for Anas is coming).
From present happenings, it seems some judges brushed aside the warnings of the hiplife artiste (can’t really blame them as they never thought Sarkodie to be one to operate in the prophetic). All too late for them now.
After two years of going into stealth mode on the judicial arm of government Anas’ findings has got the whole country talking and the big boys quivering in their boots with fear.
Anas describes the video evidence gathered as one that would shake the core foundations of the democracy of Ghana.

Several voices have been raised against the broadcasting of the video because they “believe” the content on tape is too sensitive and would destroy the trust of the citizenry in the system.
But what they seem to be forgetting is that the very people into whose hands the system was entrusted have failed the nation hence the need for this shaking up to whip out the bad nuts and repair the arm of government, rebuilding the fractured fiduciary relationship.

However, now that the dirty linen of the judicial service has been washed and aired out in public and we all have our pitchforks out, sharpened, ready to stick it to them, let’s take a minute to reflect on ourselves.
Anas may not be on your case yet but are you corruption free? Can you say with all confidence that you’ve never paid to get yourself out into a favourable position?
Corruption has taken over the country in almost every aspects, the video just affirms what we already know.
One can hardly get things done without the greasing of palms, systems are manipulated and bypassed at a fee.
These judicial service workers I believe are victims of a broken system.

Sadly, a malfunctioning system is no excuse and the rule of law must take its course. The law was broken and the constitution must be upheld, justice must prevail.
Anas is doing his bit to aid in the fight against crime and eradication of corruption. We can make his job a whole lot easier and in the process spare ourselves and families the embarrassment.

Even better, we can be the kryptonite to Anas by making him redundant, pushing him into retirement or force he and his crew to a new career path or to relocate and provide their services elsewhere if we all work diligently and honestly in whatever we do. It is about time we as a people made our own systems and institutions work.
For until we all rise up against CORRUPTION, Africa will not experience any significant improvement we desperately desire.

Beware! For Ghana now has its very own vigilante, cleaning the streets of Ghana and Africa.
Ghana’s very own Inspector Gadget, our Tintin, our Sherlock Holmes.
So be careful what you do, be diligent in your dealings because if you fail this country, our very friendly neighbourhood Anas will turn his tiger lens on you.
Anas is watching, Anas is coming!



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