Err… this is something different but I feel I have to do it.
I normally display on my whatsapp pictures of musicians and/or use the songs that really touch my heart as status with the tag “Monsters Inc.”.
On several occasions I have been accused of hoarding and not sharing these beautiful songs, enjoying them alone, so today I take my first step at redemption to clearing myself of all charges.
I’m going to share the songs I enjoy with you from time to time starting with 30 songs I have enjoyed so far this year, arranged in no particular order.

1. Send the rain- William Mcdowell
2. All I need is you- Erica Campbell *Remix with Jon Mcreynolds*
3. Pressure- Jonathan Mcreynolds
4. Only Jesus did it- Tina Campbell
5. Gotta have you- Jonathan Mcreynolds [Life Music stage 2 album]
6. Fill me up- Casey J (Original- Kim Smith, check out Miranda Willis’ ver) see Trey Mclaughlin’s mashup
7. Everything’s coming up Jesus- Livré
8. Jesus saves- Tasha Cobbs
9. This God is too Good- Nathaniel Bassey ft. Micah Stampley
10. The Anthem- Todd Dulaney
11. Intentional- Travis Greene
12. Timber- The Walls Group gospel rendition of Pitbull’s original hiphop
13. Jesus I need you- Hillsong [Open Heaven album]
14. Yahweh- Uche Agu
15. The name of Jesus- Sinach
16. Have your way- Casey J ft. Jason Nelson
17. Di wo hene- Jesse Jenkins ft. LIC choir
18. All the glory- Alexis Spight
19. Wanna be happy- Kirk Franklin
20. Worthy- Anthony Brown & Group therapy
21. You caught me- Sharon Ann
22. Fill me up- Tasha Cobbs [One place live album]
23. Thank you Jesus(That’s what he’s done) – Kim Burrell
24. Sunday A.M- Karen Clark Sheard
25. Oghene doh- Marvel Joks ft. Jesse Priestly
26. Let Praises rise- Trey Mclaughlin
27. Turning around- Joe Mettle
28. I’ll just say yes- Brian Courtney Wilson
29. Limp- Jonathan Mcreynolds [Life Music stage 2 album]
30. Wait on you- Janice Gaines


Bonus- 2014 backwards

1. One thing remains- Israel Houghton
2. God my God- Vashawn Mitchell
3. The Anthem, Still here- Travis Greene
4. We’re amazed & Hello- Dr. R. A. Vernon
5. Faith- J. Moss [Grown up folks music album]
6. Flaws- Kierra “Kiki” Sheard [Graceland album] check out Trey Mclaughlin’s version
7. Jesus chant- Lawrence Flowers
8. I wanna know ya- Deitrick Haddon & LXW
9. The Anthem, One thing remains- Vashawn Mitchell
10. Follow you- Todd Dulaney
11. Live right now- Alexis Spight
12. Big Brother- The Walls Group [Fast Forward album]
13. Mercy Tree- Anthony Evans
14. Hallelujah- Jabu Hlongwane
15. Restoration- Jarvis Mays
16. I Am- Jason Nelson
17. Watching- Vashawn Mitchell ft. Jonathan Mcreynolds
18. Alright Ok- J. Moss
19. In awe of you- Trey Mclaughlin (King of gospel covers and mashups)
20. I’m worth it- Brain Courtney Wilson
21. Imagine me- Alexis Spight Dope remake of Kirk Franklin’s original

I hope you enjoy these songs as I did and as time goes by I’ll post more songs as and when I hear and receive them.
Stay safe, Jah bless!


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