I’m pregnant, handle with care


Pregnancy is the physical condition of a woman carrying unborn offspring inside her body, from fertilization to birth.
The little science I picked up paying attention in biology class (I seldom did), but don’t worry this is not a remedial science class.
Like a pregnant woman we are all filled and deposited with so much talents waiting to be realized and utilised. We just have to push to give birth to our talents.
Human beings are filled with limitless potential beyond our possible imaginations.
Buried deep down within us is a chest full of treasures unearthed. It is up to us to go on a treasure hunt, reading the map while navigating the high seas of life to discover this chest of untapped potential.
We are pregnant with so many talents but without pursuing and placing demands on our potentials it remains just that- potential!

“Your ability needs responsibility to expose its possibilities. Do what you can with what you have where you are”- Theodore Roosevelt

Potentials are hidden talents, untapped strength, all you can be but have not yet become, what you can accomplish but not yet accomplished.
How often have we seen people burst onto the scene, touted as ‘one for the future’ or tagged ‘the next big thing’, because they exhibited the potential and promise to be huge stars in their field of endeavour only to fade away, falling short of what was expected of them, slipping below the radar because they could not maximise their potential to the fullest.
We need not look far for examples, right around us are such people, they could be friends, classmates, siblings, children or ourselves even.
Talent is said to be the natural ability to do something well, especially in artistic areas that can be developed by training.
So many times we watch others maximise and utilise their talent and then say “I can’t do what he/she is doing, he/she is so talented”. But how can we, when we do not place any demand on our talents?
I believe we all have the ability to do the same things if only we apply ourselves in the right way. Though some may have the natural tendency to do certain things with unbelievable ease, they still need training to polish and perfect.  I just love the latter part of the definition “developed by training”.
For instance, every Ghanaian boy who can kick a round object believes he is the best football player the world is yet to see but those who apply themselves well stand out and are sieved away from the rest.
We all have the talent to do something be it writing, singing, dancing etc. We just have to find what comes to us naturally develop and build on that skill whatever it may be.
For some of us we know our talents but we are not placing demands on it. We are reluctant to use our talents leaving our potential to lay dormant. It may be due to fear and worry of what others may think of us or plain indolence, whichever it is, it is selfish to deprive the world of your gift.
We give very weak excuses just to avoid the responsibility of using our talents. This doesn’t just rob you of what you could have done and been with your talent but also robs the world. Your talent could be the solution to the problems of millions, an encouragement for somebody to get their lives back on track, the happiness to someone’s sorrow.

“You have a skill or ability the world needs. Miracles happen when we give our potential responsibility”- Dr Myles Monroe

Some years back when I started learning the piano. There was a man who also came for piano lessons. For some few weeks he was absent so I inquired of him and to my surprise the tutor answering with a combination of disappointment and disgust said, he quit because he said he couldn’t control his little finger (pinkie).
How flimsy an excuse to quit at the slightest hint of difficulty.

For so many years I never quite agreed with the parable of the talent (Matthew 25:14-30).
I mean, the servant who buried his talent might feel unfairly treated because if not for anything he never lost the talent given him he kept in the same state in he received it.
That was his only crime.
But I’ve come to understand why he was branded evil, because he had the POTENTIAL to multiply and grow the talent but refused to do so just like some of us are doing.
Imagine a baby dying because the mother refused to push during labour. The kind of names and insults that would be hurled at the woman would range from “wicked, witch…” and so forth. And the insults would be valid and justified because the very act of not pushing was selfish and pure evil!
Most of us are pregnant with talents we just have to push to birth our talents but we refuse. Have you ever wondered what would have happened if some people had declined to utilise their talents?

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo would have deprived the world of their magnificent talents. All accolades and personal recognition lost.


Our very own Apostle Kwadwo Safo- Kantanka with all the inventions

The late Dr. Myles Monroe wouldn’t have impacted the world and we would have lost his books of wisdom- 57 best sellers.

Use your talent and don’t be evil!

“… talent is like electricity. We don’t understand electricity. We use it.”- Maya Angelou

Once we discover our talents we must also be mindful what we use our talents for. We have the power to use our talents for good or evil. If we choose to use our gifts to create lewdness and sensuality to cause people to go into perversion, that is foolishness. Your wisdom becomes foolishness if you use it to destroy rather than build up.
The lyrics to the song “we must praise” by J. Moss the gospel musician sings:

“If I were a drummer, I would use my cymbal. If I were a writer, I would use my pencil
I would use my voice, if I were a singer. No matter who or what we are, we must praise.
If I were a doctor, I would use my research. A perfect dissertation, if I were a speaker.
I would use my hands, if I were a potter. No matter who or what we are, we must praise”

Being christian I fully agree with Mr. Moss, whatever skill we possess our primary aim should be to use our gifting to praise God first and foremost
We must always remember that the greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life lived that never realised its potential.
Let’s not be afraid to try out new things. We must not be comfortable with what we’ve already achieved- success is never final nor failure fatal.
Some of us need to be challenged by circumstances to erupt the talents within us. Others like myself need to be challenged by friends, classmates, family (that’s how this blog came to life.  A story for another day).
So today I also challenge you to place demand on your talents and potential and let them bloom and you will not regret it. Your talent will take you places you never dreamed of.

Prov 22:29 “​​​​​​​Do you see a person skilled in his work? ​​​​​​He will take his position before kings; ​​​​​​he will not take his position before obscure people.”

A person cannot discover new oceans unless they have courage to leave the shore.

“And never let a goblet of gold
face the bright moon empty.
Heaven bred in me talents,
and they must be put to use.”

Li Bo (701 – 762)
Chinese poet.
“Bring in the Wine”


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