Mama’s Light


Mother; she always gives us light
She’s the candle that shines so bright
Lightening our paths through the dark
Reckless yet unscathed while we lark

In thy soothing arms we find warmth
From the very moment we crowned forth
A bond so strong and anaclitic
Sweet scented and therapeutic

Thine is the womb that gave us life
In pain she pushed to avoid the knife
Nine aching months she paid the price
But like the fire we are cold as ice

Please let them live to let me die
Teary-eyed she looked to the sky
Heaven heeded her humble plea
Dear mother, all we owe to thee

Shrinking away, candles give out fires
For our sakes her beauty tires
She labours to meet all we need
So her state we’ll someday exceed

Our ignited flames of levity
Restrained by her severity
Rebuking at us with her hand
The Candlestick, she is our stand

Waxing us clean so we can shine
We’re numb to the pain in her spine
Fulcrum! She’s our lives’ centrepiece
Her side at night we sleep in peace

Mother it’s time to take a rest
For the Lord knows you’ve done your best
Time for you to look back and smile
Enjoy your life and live in style

– Jorcil

Dedicated to all mothers, most especially to the woman who gave me life as she celebrates her birthday. Love you MUMMY!!!!!


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