The Salvation Derby- second half

Recess over, the players emerge from the tunnel.
HFc are a man down with a 2 goal deficit.
The 4th assistant raises his board signalling a change in personnel for HFc.
Peter the defender known as ‘Rock’ slots in at right back replacing Job who has a cast on his right leg.

U.A.S pass to get us underway, the ball is sent all the way back to the goalie Diablovic who gives it to Haman. He turns and tries to reach Schlange but his pass is under hit and intercepted by Joshua. He dribbles one and lays it off to Gideon who is on the edge of the U.A.S penalty box and he releases a thunderbolt of a shot which crushes against the underside of the crossbar, Persia clears.
Gideon has grown in confidence during the game, the goalkeeper was rooted to his spot, stood no chance of saving that. David retrieves and gives the ball to K. Solo, Peter overlaps providing an outlet but Solomon opts to go solo and loses the ball.
The crowd understandably groan in frustration as U.A.S charge forward with the ball. Delilah dribbles and gives it to Goliath he tries to find Lucifero but he’s caught offside.
Samson takes it short to Noah, Noah carries the ball out of defence, sends a crossfield pass looking for King Solo but rolls out of play for a throw in. Sloppy play there by Solo.

60th minute, a change from both sides.
Paul a.k.a. “Le Saint” comes on for Solomon (Can’t argue, King Solo has completely gone off the boil).
Coach of U.A.S Herod gives final instructions to J. Iscariot as Delilah comes off.
Looks like HFc are throwing caution to the wind and going on the offensive, with Paul taking up the ‘Trequartista role’ (playmaker) and Gideon moving to the apex of the attack as the lone striker whereas U.A.S go defensive with the extra defensive midfielder in Iscariot.
Adam takes the goal kick long and finds Jeremiah, he slips it to Paul who plays a lovely one-two combination with Joshua. Paul controls and dribbles but is fouled.
Free kick in a dangerous position for HFc right at the D-shaped penalty arc.
U.A.S mount a 5-man human wall ten yards away as Paul and Joshua stand over the ball.
The wall steals a few inches forward resulting in a yellow card for Jezebel.
Referee whistles to resume proceedings, Paul banana-curls one beautifully into the top left corner. He bended it like Beckham leaving the goalkeeper stranded.


3-2, do we have a comeback on our hands?

In our shots we can see some HFc players warming up, Jesus, Andrew, Timothy and others. Play is still ongoing, the U.A.S defence line dropping deeper, trying to soak the pressure and breakaway quickly at pace.
That goal seems to have raised the energy levels of the HFc lads, coming up with waves of attacks but the U.A.S defence stand their ground. Culebra clapping and rallying his troops. Schlange is subbed off for Antipas a defender to sure up things at the back. They’re resulting to park-the-bus (ultra-defensive). Peter crosses but the goalie Diablovic punches it to safety.
HFc come again with another attack Culebra tracks back but can’t win it. Jeremiah unleashes a shot, Ahab throws himself in the way. Corner kick!

Last and final substitution for HFc, the fans go berserk as they see their marquee signing Jesus Christ strip down and get ready to come on, can he be the hero they desperately crave? Gideon comes off, the coach John ‘The Baptist’ shouts at Adam telling him to pass over the captain armband to Jesus.

Joshua takes the corner it is headed out by Antipas but Jesus Christ hits a volley redirecting the ball with such venom it hits the back of the onion bag and a few strings go loose. He hit it right at its sweet spot.
My word what a goal, talk about instant impact! We are all square now at 3-3

10 minutes plus additional time remaining, dependent on the referee’s discretion.
The game has been free flowing with little stoppages so I don’t think he’ll add much to it
The U.A.S are frightened to leave their half and attack 10-man HFc. They seem content with the result at the moment. HFc pile more pressure keeping U.A.S under the cosh.
Christ with a magnificent Cruyff turn to beat two players, he gives the ball to Paul who lobs it [L1 + ∆] but it’s booted clear.
Referee waves play on as David beats Goliath in yet another 50-50 challenge.
He finds Noah on the left, who runs up field, gets his mate Joshua who tries a through ball which is stopped by the deep lying defence of U.A.S who go long again (route one soccer) in search of Lucifero who is up all alone without support.
Samson beats him to it and feeds the ball to Peter on the right, he leaves Jezebel for dead, backheels the ball to Paul. Paul finds Jesus with an unlooking rabona the whole stadium is on their feet applauding the brilliance, can this be the moment?!
Jesus fakes a shot Berubbabel throws himself in the way but Christ flies the other way. He has three players between him and the target. He slaloms past them as if he were gliding on water.
Ha-ha… fantastic, Antipas crosses over to cover but Christ dazes him with a couple of step overs.
Diablovic rushes out to save his team but Christ cheekily chips the ball over him.
Suddenly out of nowhere Lucifero prevents it from crossing the line sneakily with his hand as if he used his head but the referee had a clear view.
Penalty!!!!!! And a red card for the U.A.S captain.
You just can’t afford to blink in this game, a real cracker of a game, riveting stuff.
Jesus Christ plants the ball on the spot and takes a few steps back.
The whole place is quiet in anticipation.
Can he put HFc in the lead for the first time in this match, pressure… the referee whistles, Christ power-runs and he scores with a lovely panenka. So confident this Jesus fella
The fans go into a state of delirium as the referee points to the centre line for U.A.S to restart the game. 4-3 in favour of HFc, both teams even with 10 men now.

Few seconds to the end of the game.
U.A.S kick start the game and all their player rush towards the goal of HFc as Diablovic has the ball at feet some good metres away from his post. He hoofs it long seeking to use the height of Goliath but the referee looks at his watch and whistles bringing an end to proceedings.


It’s been such an entertaining game of football, pulsating, never was there a dull moment. The supporters must be pleased to have had their money’s worth.
So much talent on display, fierce battles all over the pitch filled with seven goals.
The Humanity Fc team and fans go home the happiest. Celebrations will run wild and deep into the night as they defeated their arch-rivals in scintillating fashion. The fans chanting songs. If I can hear right the song is to the tune of “you’ll never walk alone”.

We were privileged to witness Jesus Christ and his arsenal full of sublime skills and artistry.
He is definitely their MESSIAH, he saved his team’s blushes. A huge player for the team
You know what they say, big players are made for the big moments and Jesus Christ is certainly a big game player. Singlehandedly turned this game on its head. Revitalised his side when the chips were down and entertained with his mesmerizing talent.
Where would humanity have been without their X-factor?
Credit to HFc for overcoming their one-man disadvantage.
The team owner would surely be proud with the way his precious crown jewel- JESUS CHRIST.
See you at another game folks, until then…


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