The Salvation Derby


It’s the matchup between Humanity FC (HFc) against Underworld All Stars (U.A.S).
This promises to be a feisty encounter, two rivals going head-to-head at the Golgotha Arena.
After the humiliation of being kicked out of their home turf- Estadio de Heaven, the Underworld All Stars have a point to prove after their sudden fall from grace. That mankind isn’t worthy to don the jersey colours of the team they once lined up to represent.
Yet team owner Elohim places faith in his newly assembled squad- Humanity FC

Match day squads as the two sides take to the field; HFc XI- Adam (c), Cain, Eve, Samson, Noah, David, King Solo, Jeremiah, Joshua, Gideon, Job
U.A.S XI- Diablovic, Haman, P. Persia, Ahab, Berubabbel, Goliath, Adamoni, Schlange, Jezebel, Delilah, Lucifero (c)

Pleasantries exchanged, the referee blows his whistle to commence proceedings.
The game is quite tensed, no surprise really, as both teams tread cautiously. Feeling each other out, and playing a tactful game with HFc having greater possession of the ball, passing it around quite beautifully but with no real threat to the opposition goal area.
Gideon tries to take on two defenders but loses the ball as it runs out for a goal kick for U.A.S.
The U.A.S mean defence not leaving anything to chance double-teaming the tricky winger there.
The goalie kicks it long looking for Delilah but it’s headed away by the towering centre back Samson. The underworld stars would certainly not enjoy their duel with him that I’m sure.
David gets the loose ball, releases it to Job who sends a long one to Joshua  but Underworld intercepts the pass and launch a quick counterattack,  a through ball finds the deadly striker Lucifero nicknamed ‘El Culebra’ [meaning  the serpent because he’s sneaky] who fires a pile driver, a wicked swerve deceives and sends goalkeeper Adam the wrong way.
Oh wait a minute, the replay shows the ball took a slight deflection off the defender Eve, how unfortunate.

Thank goodness for technology today we don’t miss the little details, our gadgets sponsored and provided by ‘Apple Inc.’ capture every moment.
Humanity FC down by a goal

Game restarts from the center circle, 25 minutes gone. The game moving at break-neck speed, entertaining stuff, end-to- end.
U.A.S have the ball now, kicking it about between themselves.
HFc press to get back the ball but U.A.S have such high technique they easily evade sticky situations and retain possession.
Goliath a real giant of a man is barged off the ball legally by David (a warrior-like display from him. Snapping into tackles, snuffing out attacks and setting up platforms for his team to launch attacks, pulling the strings at the heart of midfield like a harp), he finds King Solo on the right who dummies and feeds the overlapping left back Noah who arcs a cross into the box, Job heads home.
GOOOOAAL…! Humanity players run to celebrate in front of their fans as they swamp Job. One all game on!!!!!

Hold on… hold on, Job is not getting up, something seems wrong as Luke and Elijah Carneiro  the team physios race over to examine him. Meanwhile King Solo (poster boy, fan favourite and man of the ladies) is giving autographs and taking selfies with the ladies in the stands. Unbelievable! Who does that? Dude needs to focus and get his mind on the game.
Game resumes as Job receives treatment off the pitch.
U.A.S moving with the ball, Adamoni threads it through to Culebra who goes short to Schlange, gives it back to Culebra, who shoots but Adam dives to his left to palm it out for a corner kick. Berubabbel takes the corner to the far post it evades everyone, Jezebel gathers and sends in another cross, Ahab is left unmark and tucks away the free header.
HFc 1-2 U.A. S

Unpleasant scenes unfolding here people as Cain is shown the red and receives his marching orders for punching Jeremiah “loud mouth” on the chin for calling him out on losing Ahab his marker.


Dear oh dear, confusion in the camp of HFc. Quite evident that frustration is setting in
U.A.S run towards their half with smirks on their faces now that they have one man advantage.
5 minutes to the end of the half Job hobbles back onto field. He doesn’t look comfortable. Things not looking good for his side either.
HFc attacking, probing and looking to equalize before the end of the half but Joshua loses the ball for a throw in.
We’re into the 3rd minute of the four minutes added. Persia throws it long to Delilah who leaves Samson for dead as he lifts his hand in protest for an offside but the assistant’s flag stays down leaving Delilah one-on-one with just Adam. She nutmegs the goalkeeper (sulia) and walks the ball into the empty net. That was very Suarez-esque from Delilah.
Embarrassing for HFc but the U.A.S and fans celebrate as the referee brings the first half to a close.
The technical team of HFc led by their manager Father Abraham and his assistant John ‘The Baptist’ have their work cut out for them. I wonder what is going through the mind of the team owner.

At the end of the first half it’s HFc 1-3 U.A.S catch y’all later for the second half.


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