Impossible is nothing and nothing impossible
Countless times we speak this phrase but our minds find it improbable
Yesterday we fantasized about man wandering the lunar-space
Impossible, impossible out loud they cried
Thank heaven for Armstrong and his buddy Buzz,
Who turned deaf ears to the naysayers like sweaters that fuzz
Today we’ve walked the moon, a moment the world holds so fond
The flag of our fathers plunged, consummating the intergalactic bond
A resounding victory for all of mankind, to infinity and beyond

Impossible is nothing
Though I’m cladded not in Addidas apparel
Meandering about scribbling up this doggerel
Wondering how possible life’s impossibilities could ever be made possible
Impossible, impossible they bellowed
Still I refuse to drown in their pool of hostile aggression
Distancing myself like the predator stalks its prey in night vision
As I watch Tom gleefully cruise his way through his fifth mission
Mission impossible? Oh relieve your mind of such superstition!

Impossible is nothing
Yet we shudder just at the thought of pursuing the impossible
As though it were a pillow full of nightmares, so inextricable
“Self-government now!” The young black gentleman declared
Impossible, impossible again they referred
Their feeble minds could not fathom how such a dream would become reality
Unrealistic was the word used, as they guzzled the vinous liquor of negativity
Today we celebrate our emancipation like we were never under captivity
“Impossible”– The word that should never be embraced by humanity

PS: July 1969 astronauts Neil A. Armstrong and Buzz (Edwin E.) Aldrin became the first human beings to set foot on the surface of the moon.

6th March 1957, Kwame Nkrumah and his CPP party secured independence for Ghana faster than the other political parties envisioned. He then went on to become her first President.


12 thoughts on “IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING”

  1. Errrmmm….literature at work…we those who ‘ate’ gob3 with our literature dier nawa for us oo….but man, this is a very inspirational piece…thanks for the *pinch*…man needs it all the time.

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