Elixir of Life

Life, the journey many-a-man have set upon and never returned

The quest to find that ever elusive panacea

Setting them on perilous voyages

Sailing wild and untamed waters, marching into unchartered territories

Flying the skies as though they belonged to the class Aves. 

Seeking to find the quick magical cure that will make it all go away- the pain, the suffering

Fathers, brothers and sons hoping to return to their loved ones with this potion

Though the road be long and the task arduous

Through the heat and cold, the chilly bites of frost and beads of sweat

Hope! That’s all these men clung onto, for despair was too great a cost to afford

Hope, the one good thing among many evils that remained to comfort humanity

After the curious Pandora disobediently opened her box

Unleashing a world of innumerable plagues for the body and sorrows for the mind.

Wives, mothers, daughters and sisters earnestly praying but never seen wailing

Holding onto unwavering convictions

For their faith gave them the strength, their faith gave them the courage

Faith kept them from breaking, faith kept them alive and associating

Oh, how they longed to burst open and let loose all the hurt bundled up on the inside

Frustrations tattooed all over their faces though they sought to hide it

But for the children, the children, they ought to be strong

The smiles of these little kindred spirits held their ailing hearts

The joy of seeing these innocent souls run around oblivious to the problems of the day

Momentarily wiping away droplets of tears and faces of frowns

Putting on the make- ups of laughter and smiles

The unbreakable bond between mother and child

Love I believe is what you call it

No wonder love be the greatest amongst the three – the Holy Bible reads

Faith, Hope and Love

Look no further than these

For they provide mankind the thrust and lift to face and tackle life head on

Love breeds faith, and faith breeds hope

Never give up hope, nor lose faith or be disillusioned with love

For they are the winds propel the sails of the life boat.

Faith, Hope and love well brewed together give the elixir of life.


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